Can't Sleep? Practice Yoga Nidra for a Sound Sleep!

Yoga Nidra for a Sound Sleep

The world today is no less than a race sucking your peace of mind and draining your body. This makes you suffer from various health conditions ranging from sleeping disorder to depression. Though with the advent of new technological advancements, there is a scope of having better medical treatment. But, you might have to pay huge medical bills or worse case scenario, face side effects from medications. However, there exists a way which enables you to heal your mind and body without any side effects rather it has more than required benefits for you. And the solution is Yoga Nidra. It is a state of consciousness typically induced by guided meditation, which help in eliminating all the sleep-related issues. 

Major Benefits of Yoga Nidra:

1. Induces deep sleep   

It is a yoga technique which makes use of sleep meditation as a way to make you feel more aware of your relaxation. Being conscious of your state of wakefulness and sleep makes you have deep relaxed state of pure bliss following which the body and the mind relaxes and ensures you have a sound sleep. As a result, the sleep cycle is restored with the natural cycle of nature and cures insomnia or other sleeping disorders.

2. Reduces stress

Yoga Nidra consists of a very basic yoga pose which even children can perform without any hassle. Therefore, any stress about performing the pose correctly automatically diminishes and since this is a yoga for sleep, it becomes easier to practice it. As a result, you will witness a relief in stress and will feel it flowing out of your body.

3. Facilitates deep link with yourself

With having a conscious thought of scanning your body and making it relax voluntarily will ultimately lead you to have a better understanding of your body. It will help you know your bodily limits, and will provide you with information of when to stop or indulge in any activity. The ability of knowing and reading signals given by your body will put you a step ahead and will let you stop yourself from over fatigue or diminishing your energy completely.

4. Re-energizes the body and mind

Sleep is the basic need of your body which allows the body to shut off for a period, so that it can recharge and have some rest. Including sleep meditation in your routine will not only make the process of body re-energization much faster but also provides you with a conscious choice of the timing of the process. It also makes you the master of your sleep so that you can enjoy your life to the maximum. You can read many more health article on website thefeednews.

5. Cures pain and tension

The implementation of yoga for sleep will not only cure sleep disorder alone rather it balanced the body energy which remains tangled with continuous building of stress and workload. Therefore, pain in the neck, back pain or joints becomes part of your life. Yoga Nidra facilitates your body with curing all such unwanted pains and relaxes your body to the deepest level. Moreover, with conscious control in your hand, the tension subsides from every muscle, particularly from the muscles you concentrate.     

Yoga Nidra thus seems like an ultimate tool to help you tackle with the problems you are facing with having a sound sleep. But since you have witnessed that it has more benefits apart from curing the sleeping problem alone, you cannot evade the benefits that the Yoga Nidra will provide you with in relation to your whole lifestyle. The use of sleep meditation will let you embrace the sleeping time of your life and moreover, will let you utilize the time for your overall growth. 

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