Do You Know Why You Have Diabetes?

Diabetes, this may seem as an ordinary word, but few people really understand the real meaning of this word. So for the benefit of my readers Diabetes is a polygenic disease characterized by abnormally high glucose levels in the blood. It is a metabolic disorder that is marked by excessive urination and thirst.

And this Disease also has 3 major Types.

The first type is called type1; this is usually diagnosed in childhood. This stage is sometimes called juvenile diabetes. The second type is a lot more common than type 1, because it makes up most of diabetes cases, it usually occurs during adulthood, although young people nowadays are diagnosed with this disease; the funny thing here is that many people with Type 2 Diabetes does not know that they have one although it’s a serious condition already.

And lastly the gestational type which is characterized by high blood glucose that develops during the time of pregnancy in women who do not have diabetes. As we all have known, diabetic people are those people Who Have High Blood Sugar Right? And popularly it is believed that too much consumption of sugary foods will eventually result to diabetes.

But the real reason behind this is that the pancreas of diabetic people does not make enough insulin. And another reason would be, that the muscle, fat, and liver cells of diabetic people do not normally respond to insulin. So the next question now is “do you know why you have diabetes?” The answer to this is uncertain, even though there are millions of people around the world who suffers from this degenerative disease.

What I do know is that there are factors that increase the risk of this degenerative disease?

They are as follows. Blood pressure: High blood pressure has been found to co-relate with diabetic cases, though it may not entirely be the main cause. Lifestyle: The lack of exercise can definitely lead to problems that may be able to alter the physiological condition of the person, that’s why a diabetic person is always advised by the doctor to walk, because walking is the safest exercise, but as effective as well.

Diet Factor:

This factor in involves excessive consumption of sugary foods and low intake of fibrous foods and proteins. Diseases: In this case, a bacterial as well as viral infection of the pancreas has been known to produce diabetic condition. Genetic predisposition: It is in here that your diabetic tendencies may be seen in your genes that you receive from your parents.

This inheritance can be from anyone in your family but the risk is greatest with the mother or the father. There are cases though, that the mother and father are unaffected, and the grandparents passed their diabetic genes to their grandchildren. Excessive stress: Physical and mental stress is known to trigger ones diabetic tendencies.

That is why people are always advised to relax, savvy?

And lastly being overweight or fat: The reason for this is that being overweight means more need for insulin supply. This will make your pancreas work even harder because it secretes more hormones so as to breakdown the glucose in the blood. 

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Now that I have laid to you the possible causes of diabetes, I am hoping that you will also do your part in taking good care of your body, because the best remedy is still prevention, and most of all self discipline. Let your motivation be your family, think of how happy they can become if they see you win over this degenerative disease, and for you, a boosted respect for self, because you did a good job.

With proper diet and medication, diabetes can be managed. And you can do it! Let’s start with the Walnuts Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits of Walnuts.

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