Erection support: Food has a direct effect on the quality of an erection

It's probably the biggest cliche in the world: You should eat healthy every day. You have heard this sentence, or you will hear it countless times. And not only from the mouths of nutritionists and doctors, but also politicians, You Tubers, parents, friends, superiors, in short, everyone. But hand on heart, who unconditionally follows this advice?! Whoever has never sinned over a bar of chocolate or a burger with McDonald's, let him throw a stone; the rest of us have a hand on our hearts.

But now, this advice seems to have a much more significant and more profound impact than originally thought. Researchers have found a direct link between erect quality and diet. According to researchers, certain foods can strongly support your erection. And we know what they are! Read on to learn all about erectile support.

Erection and food support = strong connection

Researchers from the Aging Study Massachusetts Male found a direct link between diet and erectile dysfunction. Men in the study who ate large amounts of fruits, vegetables, fish, and seeds and who avoided red meat and pastries had less frequent erection problems than men who, on the other hand, indulged in red meat, processed foods, semi-finished products, fast foods, or pastries.

According to this study, it is clearly visible that if men follow the principles of a healthy lifestyle, they are much more likely to have a firm and quality erection. According to this, the world's biggest cliché doesn't look like every day you should eat healthy so stupid.

Erection support and the principles of a healthy lifestyle

Experts also recommend the principles of a healthy lifestyle that will support your erection to prevent heart disease. They include:

Regular exercise

According to a Harvard study, a 30-minute walk every day can reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction by up to 41%. And a randomized 2004 clinical trial even showed that moderate exercise (on average less than 28 minutes a day) could help restore sexual performance in obese middle-aged men with advanced erectile dysfunction;

Maintaining low blood pressure

High blood pressure, high blood sugar, high cholesterol, and high triglycerides can damage not only the arteries (causing a heart attack), the streets in the brain (causing a stroke), but also the arteries in the penis (causing erectile dysfunction). Therefore, try to stay healthy not only outside but also from the inside;

Healthy eating

As mentioned, researchers have found a direct link between diet quality and healthy erectile function. Therefore, try to eat as many vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and fish as possible;

Maintaining a healthy weight

Researchers have found that a man with a 106cm waist circumference is up to 50% more likely to have erectile dysfunction than a man with an 81cm waist circumference. Weight loss can help you fight erectile dysfunction. Also, obesity raises the risk of vascular disease and diabetes, the two leading causes of erectile dysfunction. And excess fat also disrupts the production of several essential hormones that may be part of the problem;

Avoiding alcohol and cigarettes

Cigarettes and alcohol have never helped a master to have a firm erection. Not only are these bad habits not good for your body, but they are not suitable for your erection either. Alcohol use, especially chronic and frequent drinking, and drug use can cause or even exacerbate erectile dysfunction use Fildena 100 and Fildena 150 to cure erection. Therefore, avoid cigarettes and alcohol.

Erection and chocolate support

So what foods do experts say you include in your diet? In addition to the vegetables mentioned above, fruits, fish, nuts and seeds, also for example chocolate. Maintaining an erection requires good blood flow to the organ and plenty of available nitric oxide in the body. Studies have shown that antioxidant compounds called flavonoids. They can help you improve your cardiovascular health.

Flavonoids increase blood flow and nitric oxide levels in the blood. And chocolate, especially the dark one, is a rich source of flavonoids. Therefore, treat yourself to dark chocolate regularly, and your penis will stand as a youngster. On the contrary, milk chocolate is not highly recommended. Milk chocolate has a lower content of flavonoids and contains a higher amount of sugar and fat.

Pistachios will support your erection.

Another great food that has positive effects on erections are pistachios. This tasty green nut is more than just a great snack—a study published in the International Journal of Impotence Research investigated the effect of pistachios on erectile dysfunction. Measurement of erectile dysfunction in the monitored men was performed before and after the change of diet. For several weeks, consuming pistachios showed improvement in several parameters of erectile dysfunction, including an improved International Index of Erectile Function score.

Pistachios also improved blood cholesterol levels and blood pressure without significant side effects. So if you like pistachios, you can definitely indulge in large quantities every day.

Watermelon against a weak erection

It is beautifully red, juicy, and sweet. Ideal fruit suitable for the summer months. Watermelon. This favorite fruit can actually improve your sexual function. Research from Texas A&M University discovered a link between consuming this delicious fruit and improving erectile function. This is because a compound in this fruit called coralline helps to relax the blood vessels. It also improves blood flow, similar to medicines used to treat erectile dysfunction. Therefore, in the summer, exchange sweet popsicles for watermelon, and your penis will always be ready.

Erection support and herbal supplements

Herbal supplements to treat any condition are controversial because their effectiveness and safety are not always studied to the same extent as drugs. However, several herbs are beneficial in treating erectile dysfunction and promoting erection. According to the Mayo Clinic, The following herbs and substances can help treat erectile dysfunction:

Ground Anchor:

Supports sexual desire and overall performance. It has a positive effect on maintaining optimal levels of male sex hormone. It helps keep sexual activity, contributes to fertility, proper reproductive function, and maintains normal levels of male hormones in the blood;


an amino acid that can help increase blood vessels to improve blood flow to the penis. In 1997, three American scientists even received the Nobel Prize for their research. Relieves erectile dysfunction and sexual arousal in men, promotes fertility and muscle growth;


Helps maintain optimal endurance during sex and vitality. It contains unique compounds that help maintain the natural flow of blood in the body and healthy blood vessels. It supports nitric oxide production, a substance that improves muscle relaxation in the penis and increases blood flow. 

Thanks to its sildenafil composition, vigora 100 and Fildena 120  is entirely safe. Its positive effect on sexual performance comes about an hour after taking one pill. If you are a healthy man and you are not taking any medication, there is no reason why you should not take it. Erection support comes with Fildena as a magic wand.

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