Locating a reliable auto service center may be a tiresome job. Everyone is terrified of this, mainly of poor quality facilities given to you being stolen from your budget. The resources that every service center offers for Audi car services are frequently compromised and expensive. This is why the GT auto center should be the next car repair center. We truly agree that your car is fully committed to our time, so it makes you feel the best drive. Our dedication and engagement, as a car service center, would make your car beautiful! Our luxury car maintenance will leave you speechless and as your only go-to provider, you will always prefer our facilities for Audi car services in the near future

1.     Get a service history check done

Car centers for their Audi car services do not provide many cars with power and control history, but GT Auto Center puts significant focus on understanding it as a prerequisite. As a car owner, you should be aware of what has been done to your vehicle, and it is important to understand the history of operation regardless of whether you have had it for years or only acquired it. If you are a Dubai citizen and want to verify your vehicle's service background, you can access the Ministry of Interior's official website. These records are typically kept by owners who formerly owned cars so that they can exchange their details with you. If you are still unable to obtain this information, GT Auto Center will also provide you with a very competent and genuine pre-purchase inspection.

2.     The minor maintenance services provided by GT auto center

In addition to the broader and more time-consuming options, as a high-quality service provider for Audi car services, we truly believe in supplying our consumers with a one-stop-shop for their car. Driving your car to a different the car service center can be a time-consuming and worrisome task. This is why GT Auto Center provides the following minor facilities for your car:

-        Changing the oil and filtration

-        Air conditioning inspection

-        Checking of Air conditioner cooling function

-        A detailed visual inspection of the steering, brakes and tires plus suspension

-        Inspection of car fluids, filters, belts plus hoses

-        Car battery inspection and report

-        Checking of lights and wiper blades

-        Top-up windscreen washer level

-        Checking of the coolant level

-        Checking of brake fluid level and color

-        Checking of power steering fluid level

-        Premium cleaning of your car’s interior and exterior


3.     The Major services provided by GT auto center

For professional Audi car services, our technical specialists and car maintenance mechanics make sure that services are first grade:

-         Detailed 140-point car check, from dents and scratches to hooter and wipers

-         Checking of warning lights on the dash

-         Checking of spark plugs

-         AC service and pollen filter change

-         Change of brake fluid

-         Coolant change

-         Change of fuel filter

-         Tire rotation




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