Understanding the 4 Most Popular material Types for Product Shipment


Paper board packaging

Packaging of boxes is manufactured with different materials. Paper board is one of the packagings which is made of paper-like material. It is light in weight but can hold lightweight products. These boxes are easily trimmed, shaped, and moulded into any measurement and shape according to the customer's requirement. These boxes can be quickly customized, printed, and used for any stock to transport. 

All the beneficial features make them highly recommended for businesses. It is taken from bleached and recycled paper scrap which is turned into pulp after a procedure. Paper board packaging has various quality varieties, and all are suitable for there kind of products. Paperboard boxes usually are for medicine cosmetics, juices and much more.

Kraft packaging

Companies who like to associate themselves with the logo "go green" usually go with Kraft packaging. Kraft boxes are eco-friendly which means they can decompose after thrown away. It is more alike as paper board except for the quality of being eco-friendly. It covers all the product what paperboard covers but it is not good with moistures. It is not proper for food products like quick-frozen food.

Kraft boxes can also be shaped, moulded and cut into any shape according to your consumer needs. They give out high-end results of printing, graphics and colours used on them. Kraft and paperboard are also available in retail packaging prices which are very economical. Retail packaging boxes are economical for new business and the established ones.

Cardboard Packaging

Corrugated boxes or cardboard boxes is one of the same things. Corrugated boxes mean the standard cardboard boxes which we use in our daily life. These boxes are very beneficial in our everyday life. They provide storage, neatness and transportation easy and hassle-free. They are strong, sturdy, and we can use them for the long term. The primary purpose of these cartons is transporting products from one place to another. They can bear pressure and does flatten when pressure is applied to them. Their lid helps to pack your product safely in them without falling outside of the box.

They have the same kind as paperboard and kraft to be cut, moulded and shaped into any size and design according to the consumer demand and need. They have three layers of recycled paper to transport heavy products like shoes or large products. Recycled paper is taken as a raw element in the production of corrugated board. These boards are recyclable and can be folded to shape like a box. With other products, these corrugated boards are used as pizza boxes and different food packaging.

Plastic Packaging

Another sort of packaging which we usually use in our daily life is the plastic box packaging. Plastic boxes cover various products from parts in a space ship or thumb pins packed in a small plastic container. Due to its durability and use for every product has made switched retailers to plastic packaging. Plastic boxes are recyclable and are more permanent than paperboard or cardboard boxes. It has one benefits which cardboard boxes does not have is the airtight packaging.

Airtight packaging in plastic containers helps preserve the food. It preserves the freshness and condition of the food to its limits. It covers the food evenly and keep it safe from germs and surroundings. Plastic containers do not break easily, and it shields the food under weather conditions too. Due to there transparency appearance, the product inside is visible without opening the box. To enhance the packaging, you can add colours on the box.

Rigid Packing

Products like mobiles phones or glass are sensitive enough to get damaged with a small accident. For the packaging of such sensitive items, a more robust and hard cardboard element is used to make boxes known as rigid boxes. These boxes are mainly used for mobiles, watches, crystal decoration pieces and other expensive and sensitive products. Famous companies like Rolex or Tiffany & Co are using these boxes for there products. The rigid box is a dense paperboard, which is four times thicker than the regular paperboard boxes.

As compared to paper and corrugated boxes, wooden crates are more expensive in buying and customizing retail packaging. The custom packaging of rigid boxes is more handmade. They are durable and are not easy to collapse with the pressure, which is very beneficial for transporting purposes. It keeps your sensitive and delicate products safe, intact in their position during transportation. Rigid boxes are not cost-effective due to there extra high quality and durability there shipping boxes and packaging cost is very high compared to the paperboard boxes. These boxes are usually benefiting for packing jewellery, glass products and high expensive items. These boxes come in different styles and shapes. You can easily adjust Options like lids, windows or compartments in them.

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