Should You Get a Weightlifting Belt For Women?

If you have kick-started the adventurous journey of gaining those muscles with weight training, you might be wondering whether to use weight lifting belts or not. The straight answer is yes, at a particular point in your weight training, wearing a belt will be a wide choice. For a more detailed discussion on the weight lifting belt for women, keep reading.

What Are The Functions of These Belts?

A common misconception about weight lifting belts is that they help provide extra support to the body to lift heavier weight than the original. Another misconception is that these belts work like a brace on the lower back to prevent injuries and protect from external forces. But both the assumptions are completely wrong as they do not provide extra support to the body, nor do they prevent any injuries in your lower back. Then how do the lifting belts for women work? You'll get to know all about it, but first, know about the body mechanics while you are weightlifting.

In everyday life, our core or torso has a sponge-like structure- soft and flexible. Due to this, our body is able to move side to side and move forwards and backward. But while lifting weights on your shoulders, you won't want the torso to be flexible anymore. Rather, a hard and rigid torso would help in doing that squat more efficiently. What women's weight belts do is that they give a proprioceptive cue to the torso, allowing it to tighten and squeeze the core muscles. They make the core muscles harder while weightlifting. It is similar to carrying the heavyweight dumbbells to tense the shoulders. The core muscles tense more when there is some weight to push against. That's what weightlifting belts provide.

So, rather than directly supporting your torso, wear a weightlifting belt to support it indirectly as it will tighten your core, and it will get rigid.

So stop believing those assumptions and go on with this amazing workout equipment.

What Kind of Weightlifting Belt is Ideal?

The most common weightlifting belt they will offer will have a large padded strap and thin leather straps in the front if you check out most fitness stores. These are most commonly found because people prefer them the most. But, do not use them! The people who do not know much about the functions of weightlifting belts use these. These belts were designed to give direct support to the lower back, but that's not it! The big pad on the back and small straps on the front do not provide balanced feedback to your torso. Keeping that in mind, choose the weightlifting belt that is designed with the same width all around the waist.

The online store offers a pretty good collection of weight lifting belts for women and men. So get into the proper weight training sessions with the right kind of weight lift belts. Also, look out for the factors like thickness, material, buckles, etc., to get the hands-on right one.

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