Testing Whether Unfortified N95 Masks are Effective

N95 Mask

Since when covid-19 starting spreading, state governments were crawling to search for safe N95 respirators masks. N95 Mask must have the seal and filter. Seal to cover the face tightly and filter for toxins or pollutants and infectious microbes. They want to protect workers from the spread of the coronavirus.


Everyone is rushing to buy N95. It is natural this panic buying will result in a shortage. After shortage, users start buying from unauthorized or unapproved products for their safety.

Overview of N95 Mask:

N95 Mask

The N95 is one of the most common and popular N95 types of mask. This is the most advanced technology, and N95 is designed to protect people from hazardous fumes such as dangerous dust and other substances present in the factories. The N95 Mask is available in various styles and is made of high-quality materials. The mask is available in a disposable as well as an autoclave bag. The main feature of this kind of respirator is that it has a sealed air release valve. It also features a full face shield, which can be adjusted as per the needs of the user.


The N95 Mask is also made of high quality and has been designed to cover a large area. The mask is available in various sizes, and the user will get one based upon his or her requirements. The mask also features a wide base that is adjustable for comfort.

The N95 Mask is available in a wide variety of standard and custom sizes, and it is designed to be used as an effective air purifier or humidifier. It can also be used as a dust/mildew inhibitor and air filter. Thus, the user will get more benefits from his investment than what he paid for.


The N95 is available in numerous cosmetic colors. This makes it easy to match the color of the clothing to that of the mask. The mask itself is also available in various shades and can be chosen to complement the clothing. This is particularly useful for people who are allergic to certain fabrics. Also, the N95 Mask can be used without having to change outfits.

Testing of Unfortified Masks:

N95 Mask


The laboratory started testing different mask in two different ways :


1. Filtration efficiency:  The initial test is used for testing the filter efficiency to determine the percentage of particles that masks keep out while using.


2. Liquid penetration:  This is the second test that is used to look at liquid penetration. The researcher uses blood spatter and assessment to check whether the mask can soak or not.


These masks are not certified. The laboratory can not certify these masks with its testing. Only U.S. National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), or NIOSH-certified laboratories, can certify the masks. The laboratory conducts the test by following the protocol of NIOSH testing protocol and instrumentation. The goal is to help public officials and health care. 


Everyone like police, fire departments, and hospital administration health workers, anyone who is buying the mask has a question in their mind whether it is effective or not?

What Makes it Unique?

N95 Mask


N95 Mask respirators are manufactured in a way that makes a tight-packed around the nose and mouth. It blocks at least 95 percent of small airborne particles if the mask is in the proper way. N-95 keeps safe to both the user and the people around the user. Both of them can transmit no infection. What makes N95 powerful and unique is how it is made. N95 Mask is made from many layers of polypropylene fibre that use static electricity to catch going and coming pollutants, droplets, and aerosol particles.

Conclusion :

The laboratory is testing N95 and KN95 masks to test filter efficiency whether they are resistant to blood and other or not. Not every N95 mask is not certified or design as a surgical mask. Masks protect from inhaling aerosol, pollutants present in the environment.


For the filter efficiency test, they set up an aerosol of salt to measure whether it's showing results or not. They also measure inhalation of mini microbes such as bacteria, viruses, etc.


Before testing masks are pre-conditioned in a humidity chamber to minimize moisture susceptibility from the user's breath. Many claustrophobic people face difficulty wearing the mask, but N95 Mask is easy to wear and comfortable, and affordable. It is easy to maintain. It is lightweight and has no complicated instructions to follow. It can therefore be used by children as well as adults without any special training. Also, it is an inexpensive item, making it an excellent buy.