Make Your Internet Faster Using These Tips

 Are you facing issues while surfing the web? Is the annoying buffering icon troubling you while streaming your favorite shows and movies? Need not to worry! In this post, we will make you familiar with simple yet effective troubleshooting tips that will help you make your internet faster. Let’s get started!

There can be a number of things that can impact the speed of your internet and make it slow. Thankfully, by trying a few simple yet effective hacks you can easily get rid of the slow internet issue and make it faster than ever. Here we go!

Ultimate Tips to Make Your Internet Faster

Tip 1: Select a Good Location for Your Router

If you want to enjoy the lag-free internet experience in every nook and cranny of your house, consider placing it at the center-most area of your home. Also, to get the most out of your router’s WiFi, it is strictly recommended – do not place your router on a non-ventilated and congested area.

Perhaps your current router is not working as per your expectations. And if you want to make your internet faster, then add a Netgear router to your home network. For this, you simply have to access the routerlogin page, follow the on-screen instructions and configure it.

Tip 2: Keep the Netgear Router Firmware Up-to-Date

This is another best yet effective way to speed up your WiFi network. Latest firmware updates not only bring fixes to your Netgear router but also come up with advance features and enhanced security. Thus, updating Netgear router’s firmware can improve the overall performance of your device.

Tip 3: Keep WiFi Leeches at the Bay

Users often ignore changing their Netgear router login username and password after configuring it. If you are also one of those, then possibilities are that your neighbors or anonymous person are using your WiFi, playing online games, and streaming videos. This can also leave a big impact on your router’s WiFi and make it run at snail’s pace. So, have a quick nudge on the devices connected to your router’s WiFi and if any unknown device is found, disconnect it right away. Once you’re done, change the password of your router’s WiFi.

Tip 4: Opt for a Different Channel for Your Netgear Router

You may experience slow internet connectivity due to a congested or overlapped WiFi channel on your Netgear router. Have you ever thought about changing the WiFi channel of your Netgear router? Well, it’s high time to do so. Simply navigate to Netgearlogin page and choose a WiFi channel for your router that is less-congested. It is recommended to choose between the channels 1, 6, and 11.

Tip 5: Power Cycle Your Netgear Router

Sometimes, this process is enough to make your Netgear router speedy. We suggest you power cycle your Netgear router every 15 days to get the most out of it. To power cycle or reboot your Netgear router, apply the steps highlighted below:

  • First and foremost, disconnect your currently connected devices from your Netgear router’s WiFi.

  • Then, wait for a couple of minutes.

  • Thereafter, unplug your Netgear router from its wall outlet.

  • Wait for some time.

  • Plug your Netgear router back in.

  • Now, check your internet connection by accessing the routerlogin web page.

The Last Words

Did the troubleshooting tips mentioned in this post help you out to make your Netgear router’s WiFi speedy? Do share your feedback via comments. And if you have more suggestions on how to improve the performance of a Netgear router, feel free to share them with your fellow readers.

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