Kullu Manali's Top Places

Kullu Manali is a popular tourist spot in Himachal Pradesh. It is easy to see why Kullu Manali's natural attractions are ranked as one of the top places to visit. It is often called a gateway to Ladakh's adventure extremes, but many people cannot grasp the area's incredible opportunities. The region offers plenty of options for adventurers, including paragliding and skiing, as well as rafting and paragliding.

Kullu Manali Honeymoon Package is a popular choice for honeymooners and family travellers in India because of its beautiful snow capped mountains, lush valleys, and meandering rivers.

Kullu Manali's Top Places

The mid way Himalayan stoppage: Rohtang pass

Rohtang Pass offers spectacular mountain views and a panoramic view

Rohtang, a Rohtang devotee, is on the Path to Leh/Keylong from Manali.Major tourist attraction near Kullu Manali. The breathtaking views of the glaciers, mountains, peaks, and flowing streams make the climb easy for couples and families. Skiing and sledge riding are popular adventure sports that you can enjoy in addition to sightseeing. Rohtang Pass.

The pass has an elevation of approximately 4000m. It also features a rugged Himalayan topography. This makes it an excellent base for trekkers who are making their way to higher altitudes. Lahaul and Spiti. It's motorable, so adventure seekers and free riders can also ride their motorbikes to Ladakh. This is an excellent opportunity for bikers. Rohtang Pass is open all year, but the best time to visit Rohtang Pass is between June and October.

Solang Valley- Paragliding, Skiing, Zorbing, choose your pick.

The closest to the hill station of ManaliThis spot is known for being one of the most sought-after paragliding spots in India. Let's take a look at the most appealing aspects of the valley before you start to imagine how it looks. Solang valley is located along the banks of river Beas and offers a peaceful retreat surrounded by lush greenery, mountains with milky white tops,

It is located in Himachal Pradesh and is therefore prone to adventure sports. However, the area is also rich in it. Skiing becomes the most popular activity in Solang Valley when winters are brutal.

You can also enjoy paragliding and parachuting during the summer months. It's fair to say it's a fitting name. Himachal Pradesh: Summer and Winter Destination.

All-time snowy 'Gulaba.'

Gulaba is the winter season's substitute for Rohtang Pass. It was closed due to heavy snowfall—a skiing destination in Himachal Pradesh. There is an exciting fact, Gulaba, that It has snow reserves all year. You can drive to Gulaba any time you're in Manali, regardless of the season.

Skiing near Manali is possible! Gulaba offers many slopes for you. The upper slopes are a haven for peace-lovers, as they remain aloof from the rest of the crowd.

You can find Rohtang Pass on your right. It is approximately 20km from Manali town. Snow-capped mountains and glaciers surround this charming village. The Beas River flows through the city, narrowing dramatically as it enters its borders.

This area is a great camping spot near Manali. Trekkers will have a great time exploring the Kothi village before reaching the gorge. The stunning topography and unique location have given Kothi many opportunities to appear in Bollywood movies. Kothi village is an excellent alternative to paragliding because it is located ideally and close to Manali.

Naggar has more religion and nature.

It is hard to miss one of the most picturesque villages in Kullu Manali. Naggar, on the east bank of Beas River, was once the capital city of the Kingdom. Now, the region governs only the breathtaking views of the Himalayas facing it from all directions. We think that is enough to allow the vagabonds to reach Himachal's bounty.

Do you want more? Naggar's natural crib is also home to some of the most magnificent religious sites in Kullu Manali. The deities of Lord Krishna and Vishnu have reserved prominent spots in this category.

You can also find a magnificent castle here, Naggar. This will undoubtedly grab your attention; it worked for royal personalities from Himachal Pradesh in the past.

Great Himalayan National park: Wild at the top of the world

The location of the Indo Himalayan & Palearctic biographical kingdoms is the heart of this region. Great Himalayan National Park in KulluThe Himalayas hold the most beautiful mountain ranges yet to be discovered.

The national park's new charm is the mountain landscapes in the mountains that are home to an incredible variety of fauna and flora. The Himalayan Tahr, Himalayan Tahr and musk deer are just a few wildlife found in this magical place.

Bird watching at the national park is also a grand indulgence. Monal, cheer tragopan, and many other bird species are all available. To see these magnificent winged creatures, however, you must wait until autumn.

The Great Himalayan National Park is an excellent place for trekkers and offers a unique opportunity to capture high-altitude wildlife. The national park provides trekking routes to the river valleys at Sainj, Tirthan, and Parvati. The Great National park, which is located close to Manali, is an excellent choice. 

Manali Sanctuary is wild and beautiful.

This is another Himalayan wildlife preserve on our list. However, it's very close to Manali. Manali sanctuary is located within a radius of 2km. It promises a biota encapsulated by pristine glaciers, lush green forests of Deodar, oak and alpine. The sanctuary is home to many rare carnivores as well as herbivores. Wildlife enthusiasts will have a great time.

These include the charming and shy snow leopard, brown beer deer, musk deer, and monal. Bird lovers will also find the Manali sanctuary a delight. This wild sanctuary is home to the Snow Pigeons, Kingfisher, Tree Creepers and Chakor, and other migratory bird species.

It doesn't mean you have to run all the time to capture the best wildlife photos in the world. Instead, the sanctuary allows you to enjoy the beautiful moments that bloom here among the snowy peaks and slopes.

Picturesque hike to Bhrigu Lake, Kullu

This one is for true hikers and trekkers! Bhrigu Lake lies in the wild east of Rohtang Pass. This area is surrounded by picturesque alpine scenery, and it has become a popular tourist spot. The lake loses some of its charms when it is open to the public in autumn. The trek through forests, streams, mountains and gorges can be tiring for those who are not experienced.

You can be sure about the tempting nature these Himalayan wonders are and how they lead to a rewarding destination.

Named after Bhrigu, an Indian saint who is believed to have lived here for over 100 years. This belief has made the lake a sacred place in Hinduism.

Hidimba Devi temple

Manali's most important religious site. Hidimba Devi temple was built in the Pagoda style of cave temple architecture. This unique cave temple is named and dedicated to Hidimba, the wife of Bhima (One the Pandavas). This place is described in Hindu mythology as the meditative spot for the wife during her final days.

The temple is unique. It is unique because it doesn't have any idols inside. However, her footprints are engraved in the temple and considered sacred.

Temple of Raghunath

Himalayan lands north of India have the region of Kullu where they can enjoy the divine status of "Dev Bhoomi". The state's rich culture is found in this cuddled-up valley in Himachal Pradesh. Start with Raghunath temple; The abode of Raghunathji, the chief deity of Kullu.

It is believed that the temple is the oldest in Kullu Manali. The mythological history of the temple tells of Lord Rama using the idol of the temple during his time.

The best time to visit Raghunath Temple in Kullu? Dussehra festival is the time when the valley's residents gather to celebrate. This is usually during autumn.

Bijli Mahadev temple

The Himachal Pradesh Temple of the Moon is another prominent temple. Bijli Mahadev temple in Kullu valley has a story that promises to turn promising after every two years of the Hindu calendar. Legend has it that Lord Shiva once took all the electricity from the atmosphere to save humanity.

The present Kullu world believes that there is a second replica of this event every two years. This causes the atmosphere to turn into the most intense with the constant display of lightning and thunder. It is also interesting to note that every year, when lightning strikes, the sacred Shiva Lingam is broken.

Bijli Mahadev temple, like its legend, has a unique topography. It is located high up in Himachal Pradesh, with spectacular views of the Parvati and Kullu valleys.

Manikaran has holy waters.

Talking about Manikaran, It is an ideal place to escape to the spiritual areas of Himachal. This region, adjacent to Kasol and considered a sacred place for both Hindus and Sikhs, is also believed to be highly religious. In the vicinity of Manikaran, you will find many temples dedicated to the Hindu Gods Rama and Vishnu and Shiva, Shiva, and Krishna. Many legends and theories surround the region's religious arc. The hot water spring is another thing that will surprise you. These hot sulphur springs also have a spiritual aspect. Many take a dip into the holy waters because of this.

The water from the sulfur springs can treat skin conditions, and religion is not something you are interested in. After trekking in the area, you will find that a dip into these hot pools is incredibly relaxing. You can walk to Pulga or Chandrakhani Pass if your trekking ambitions call for more.

Vashisht Hot Water Spring - Wearing off

Vashisht, a village located 2km north from Manali on the slopes of the Beas River, is a smaller and quieter version of Old Manali.

Many natural hot water springs are found in Himachal Pradesh. Vashisht Hot Water Spring is one of these hot water natural springs. It is located just outside of Manali. Scientists believe that hot water springs have emerged from large amounts of granitic (sulphur) deposits.

The springs have also been known for their medicinal properties that all tourists review. The spring draws around 3000 tourists daily, making it a popular spot for residents. Separate bathing areas are available in the village, or Kunds (tanks), for men and women.

Vashisht hot spring is located in a green area on a hill above the perennial Beas River, 6 km from Manali. It is also home to many types of temples.


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