What to Look for When Choosing a Wedding Band

 Are you considering going the tribute band route for your upcoming fall wedding? Still, wondering if the orange county 80s band vibe is best suited for your needs? Unsure if tribute bands are what you want? 

Here's us helping you decide whether to go with your favorite 80s tribute bands or to get a DJ or recorded playlist instead: 

Everything You Need to Know About Booking a Tribute Band

The Definitive Guide to Finding and Hiring a Tribute Act:

You'll learn everything you need to know about booking a tribute band, such as your favorite orange county musicians here. Find out what a tribute band will do at your event, how different sorts of tribute bands differ from one another, what kind of music they'll play, how much room they'll need, how to ensure quality, and much more.

What Exactly is a Tribute Band, and How Will They Perform at My Event?

A tribute act, sometimes known as a tribute band, imitates the sound and appearance of a well-known band or musician, frequently using authentic clothes and instruments. A fantastic tribute band gets you as near to the 'real thing' as possible, short of going back in time to see the original act at their peak, were seeing the original artist is no longer possible!

Tribute Bands Come in a Variety of Styles, Including:

  • Tribute bands: Tribute bands are a live band that performs songs exclusively by the artist they're paying homage to, with instrumentation and performance styles that are identical to the original artist's, as well as accurate costumes and instruments. Some tribute bands aim to find 'look-alike' musicians to make their image as real as possible, but this isn't as vital for solo tribute performers.

  • Solo tribute singers: a live singer who performs over pre-recorded backing tracks while imitating the performance and songs of a famous musician in their accurate clothing, often bearing a striking personal resemblance to the original act.

Where Do You Go to Find What You're After?

So, how do you go about picking a wedding band? First, find out where you can see them live once you've compiled a shortlist of potential bands (which you may have compiled based on personal recommendations or Google reviews). Not only do most wedding bands perform at weddings, but they also perform at other events. For example, they may regularly perform in a local pub, as part of a festival, or as the soundtrack for a theatrical production.

Ensure They Play Your Absolute Favorite Tracks

Also, once you've decided on a band, double-check that they can perform all of the songs you want. It's pointless to see them perform live if they can't duplicate the music you and your partner cherish. You want to know that when you're shaking it on the dance floor, your personal top 50 will continue to play!

Over the years, we've seen some incredible bands that have made us want to put down the camera and hit the dance floor. So, ensure that you get the 80s cover band in Los Angeles to play your favorite tunes, and you dance along to these amazing tunes one after the other. No time like your wedding day to loosen up and dance along till you drop at the end of the reception.