How Do Skilled Workers Get Australian Visas?

Skilled workers are some of the most in-demand professionals across the globe today. And Australia isn't blind to this as they need them on a regular basis. If you are a skilled worker, you can easily find work in Australia today, even as a foreigner. The question that may be bugging you may be how to get a Visa. Are you even eligible for an Australian visa if you are a skilled worker? Below, these questions are answered, and you also get to find out some of the benefits of the skilled workers' Visa. 

Can You Get A Visa? 

The first question you need to answer is getting a visa as a skilled worker in Australia. You can get a visa as a skilled worker in Australia. You need to apply for the Skilled Nominated Work Visa (Subclass 190)

What is This Visa, and Do You Get It?

You can live and work in Australia if you have this work visa – it is a resident work visa. Several foreign-nationals who are part of the skilled workers market have occupations in Australia's Skilled Occupation List. These are the ones who are eligible for the Subclass 190 visa. You will have to complete a skill test first before you get the Visa, though. A territory government or state nominates the test. Once the application goes through, your permanent work visa will give you some benefits. 


Several benefits come when you have the Subclass 190 visa. Once you have it, you will get the following:

Benefits of an Australian permanent resident – this will apply to both you and your family. You will be a permanent Australian resident and can perform most of the other resident's activities. 

The other benefits that come from holding this Visa include:

  • Live and work in Australia indefinitely. Most of the Visas have an expiry date, which can cause some inconvenience when you want to renew. This one has no chances of termination unless under exceptional circumstances. 
  • You can study while in Australia under this Visa. You will have to get a separate student visa for most visas if you want to pursue education. Subclass 190 will cover you to study while you work too.
  • Enroll for Medicare
  • Sponsor relatives for permanent residents
  • A chance to apply for citizenship
  • Travel out and in of the country as you want

How to Apply

Check the Skilled Occupations List to find if your skills qualify for the Visa. You will then have to meet specific requirements before you can apply for the Visa.

The set requirements are

  • Under 50
  • Meet health requirements
  • Don't have debt with the Australian government
  • Meet the character requirement
  • Sign the Australian Values Statement

You will then have to complete the skills assessment and pass with a particular score, and if not, you won't get the Visa. 

Getting a Visa as an Australian Worker

You can get a skilled workers visa in Australia, but you will need to meet specific requirements. Above are the benefits, conditions, and how to apply for a Visa. 

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