The Ultimate Guide to Blogging



What is blogging? 

Before we can get into the nitty-gritty of blogging, we should make sure that everyone understands what blogging is. Blogging is basically writing posts on a blog. There are many different types of blogs out there, but I'll be focusing on personal blogs (I'm not really into fashion or sports). You might be wondering "what's the point in writing posts?". Well, there's no real point at all! That's sort of the beauty in it though; you're able to post whatever you want. If you have a hobby that you're passionate about, then feel free to write about it! Or if you have an interest in something that others don't know much about then go for it! It doesn't matter what your niche is because guess what? You're creating YOUR own niche by blogging! The possibilities are endless when it comes to personal blogs so try and come up with ideas for your own blog. If none of them suit your fancy then just create a random one so people can get a taste of who YOU are as a person. I like tech blog posts, but maybe you're into fashion. In that case I highly recommend a fashion blog as it's a really fun thing to do!


Components of a Blog


Now that we've established what blogging is, let's talk about some key components. There are three main components to a blog: the appearance, the content and the community. We'll be going over these one by one in this post. By now you should have a decent idea of what goes into each component so moving forward will be easy since they're all pretty straightforward! Let's begin with appearance since it tends to be the most important part of any blog.




The appearance of your blog is the most important part. This is because it's what people see when they visit your blog and if you don't have a nice interface, then no one will want to stick around for long. I'm sure you've seen plenty of blogs that didn't look very appealing or interesting. It's pretty hard to get into them and actually read them so I always try and make my design as good as possible! There are a few different things that go into the appearance of a blog: layout, theme & colors, typography & font choices and graphics/images/photography. These four things are all very important in creating an awesome design for your website but we'll be focusing on layout, theme & colors since typography is a bit more advanced (we won't touch on it here). The last thing we'll cover in this section is photography/graphics/images.




The layout of your blog is very important, especially if you're using a responsive layout! The reason for this is because it'll be the first thing that your visitors see. If you have a bad layout then people will instantly think "this looks crappy" and they'll leave. That's why I always try to make sure my blog layouts are as good as possible. Here are some examples of things to keep in mind when designing your blog:


– Make sure everything is on one page/screen so users can easily navigate through all the content on your site. Don't go overboard with how many things are on one page, though! A lot of images can be distracting so try to minimize them whenever possible (usually 4-5 images per page is fine).


– Good navigation is also very important! Don't make it too difficult for people to navigate around or they won't want to come back! Make sure that every post has an "About Me", "Contact Me" and "Social Media Links" tab at the top of their posts so users can find out more about you quickly if they want to contact you or follow you elsewhere online (I usually include links like Twitter, Facebook & Instagram under each tab). This way people don't have to go looking for information about me if they don't want too; everything's right there when someone visits my site.


These are all the things that I have been talking about so far, and I am being very honest with you. This is a thing that will really help you out a lot. If you keep this in mind then it will be easy to understand what blogging is all about and how to do it well.


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