The Ultimate Guide To Making Your 1BHK Flat Look Bigger


Are you thinking of buying a 1bhk, but worried about space? You can indeed stuff a lot of items, but the issue is to make it a functional apartment so that you won't have to live with a congested feeling. The ideal solution to this concern is clever space planning. In reality, there is no need to lament about the lack of space because all you need is some multipurpose elements and some design approaches to make sure you’re able to move freely without any hesitation. 

If you’ve bought a 1bhk in Malad, and are wondering how you would make it functional with all your items, this guide will help you narrow down on what you need to do to make the most of your one-bed apartment. Read on. 

Pick a neutral colour palette

Never underestimate the value of what paint can do, especially in small apartments. They are quite instrumental when it comes to making 1BHK interiors appear bigger. Hence, while choosing the colours for your apartment walls, choose greys, neutral tans, a subtle palette of classic whites, and remember to use bolder colours for accent walls. For instance, rich blue colour exudes a royal vibe, while green tones make the space seem airy, cosy plus they reflect light making rooms appear brighter. Besides, you can consider going with the combination of neutral shades and bold pops of tones that add a clean and soft touch, thus making your home surroundings seem clean and fresh all the time. Whether you’re searching for flats in Malad East or Goregaon, these factors should be taken into consideration before arriving at any conclusion. 

Go for sleek storage options

Optimising storage is another factor that should be taken seriously when you want your apartment to be uncluttered and utilise space wisely. A well-thought-out 1BHK design will always aim at making the best use of space by optimising storage options. In which case, get a storage bench in the hallway, also you can use sofas or pouffes that double up as covered bins. Moreover, you should get a slim TV set that provides choices to stow away your letters, CD collection, and miscellaneous items. Besides, you’ll be able to utilise the horizontal surfaces to showcase your book collection or décor. 

Choose a furniture

At Aarambh Malad, most 1bhk homeowners are going for wall-mounted or multi-functional furniture which makes your apartment appear spacious. There is a wide range of elegant and sleek collapsible furniture to choose from, and you can roll them out only when you need it. Furniture like sofa cum bed is best for 1bhk apartment where you can make the best use of space by clever planning. On the other hand, consider installing a murphy bed in your bedroom as it will save you a lot of space. 

To cut a long story short, when you are moving into a 1bhk apartment it is advisable to plan ahead before buying furniture for your new home. Also, research more for items that will help you ensure the proper functionality of your apartment so that you will be able to walk freely without worrying about hitting anything. 

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