How to Fix D-Link Extender Issues?


If you own a D-Link WiFi range extender, then you might be aware of its amazing benefits and outstanding features that it provides to its users. Whether it is providing you lag-free internet to access throughout your house or connect multiple devices at the same time, the list of features doesn’t have an end.

However, like any other WiFi device, D-Link WiFi range extender is also prone to major technical issues. And, such issues can hamper your WiFi experience.

But, you don’t have to worryas we’ve got you covered! Through this article, we will make you familiar with the issues that D-Link extender users are experiencing along with their fixes. Let’s get the ball rolling!

Fix: D-Link Extender Issues

Can’t Change Extender’s SSID

Every D-Link WiFi extender has its own SSID. However, you need to change the extender’s default SSID in order to keep it safe and secure from anonymous persons. Besides, it is suggested to set a unique and strong SSID for your D-Link extender.

In order to change your extender’s SSID, you need to access the http://dlinkap.local web address.

Extender Not Connecting to Internet

Another most annoying issue that 4 out of 5 WiFi range extender users experience is that their D-Link device keeps on disconnecting from the internet. To cope up with the issue, follow the instructions highlighted below:

1. First and foremost, check whether your D-Link extender is placed at the right location or not.

2. Your D-Link device must be placed in reach of your existing router.

3. Ensure that your D-Link extender is receiving constant power supply.

4. The firmware of the device must be up-to-date.

5. Perform D Link WiFi extender setup properly and ensure that it is not left incomplete    

Extender Power LED Isn’t Stable

Blinking red or amber power LED is one of the most annoying issues that users face while performing D Link extender setup or firmware update process. To resolve this issue, follow the tips outlined below:

Ensure that the wall outlet that you are using is free of damages. Also, bear in mind – the wall plug must not be damaged.

If the issue continues, restart your D-Link extender once.

Here’s how to restart your D-Link WiFi range extender:

Restart D-Link Extender

1. First of all, disconnect the D-Link extender from your main router.

2. Unplug the extender from its respective wall outlet and wait for a few minutes.

3. Let your D-link extender take some rest.

4. After some time, turn it on and wait for the power LED to become stable.

Now, to check internet connectivity, access http://dlinkap.local web address on your smart device. If the web address loads up without displaying any error message, then the slow or no internet connectivity issue is fixed and you are free to use WiFi from every corner of your house.

Unable to Update Extender Firmware

If you are unable to update the firmware of your D-Link extender, then ensure the following:

1. Make sure that you have downloaded the correct firmware file as per the availability of your D-Link extender model.

2. Ensure that you have followed the firmware update instructions in exact given order.

3. Be certain that you haven’t interrupted the firmware update process in between.

4. For step-by-step firmware update instructions, refer to the device manual.

Can’t Setup D-Link Extender

If you are unable to perform D Link WiFi extender setup process, then make sure that:

1. Your extender and router are properly connected.

2. You are not connected to free or public WiFi hotspot while performing D Link extender setup.

3. And, you are following the correct configuration steps in exact given order.

In a Nutshell

So, that was all about our post on how to fix most common D-Link WiFi range extender issues along with their solutions. Anticipating that this article proved helpful to you? Whatsoever is your feedback – feel free to share it with us.