Certitude Residential Area: Auroson's House (1969-70)

The community started with Auroson’s Home, built for a family of 5, in 1969.  The house was particularly dedicated to nature, with fluid spaces interconnected to generous porches.  However, early ignorance and optimism, did not dictate the necessity for protection against insects and thieves.  As a result, many projects that followed, had to be conceived of differently, and thus constructed.

Auroson Bystrom- furniture design

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Designer Auroson Bystrom is an anomaly. The Indian Born 37 year old of Swedish descent integrates not only his complex surroundings of India but melds them with his sense of minimalism which comes from his Northern European routes.


Bystrom was raised in Auroville, India. For Bystrom opposites play a role constantly pushing against one another to create an integrated baseline