Invest with Care: 5 Best Real Estate Projects in Lahore in 2022

Lahore is not just any ordinary city of Pakistan. It's the ultimate wonder that attracts the locals from various perspectives - including real estate! Over time, Lahore has witnessed fundamental progress in infrastructure which lead to the development of several housing schemes and societies that are renowned all over the country. 

The city offers a lot in terms of education, lifestyle, job opportunities, and land! The growing population has increased the demand for residential plots. Therefore the number of housing schemes is increasing. 

So are you interested in investing your money in Lahore’s real estate?  First, you need to learn about the best real estate projects in Lahore worth an investment. In this blog, we will discuss our top picks for the day! 

1- Lahore Smart City 

A major player in the real estate industry these days is the Lahore Smart City - an eco-friendly housing society designed to keep the city’s climate and environment in mind. 

The housing society is spread over 600 acres offering several amenities that will catch your eye right away. Smart housing community, technology-oriented, route connectivity, top-tier developers, etc just scratch the top of the list for the folks. So if you are likely to invest in residential or commercial plots, with Lahore Smart City, you have the flexibility to make a down payment and continue with easy installments! 

2- Kings Town 

Renowned for its stunning economic critique design, Kings Town is the latest entry in real estate offering several amenities like parks for outdoor activities, shopping malls for recreations, hospitals for medical needs, and whatnot. 

Because it is LDA approved, there are no legal hindrances for the people interested to invest in real estate projects in Lahore. People can start buying from 3 Marla plots or 5 Marla plots - whatever option is convenient. You have plenty of types of plots and blocks to choose from in Kings Town. Why not build a future with your family here?

3- Al Kabir Town 

Located at main Raiwand Road, Al Kabir Town turns out to be the most cost-effective real estate investment for those people who are unable to get a loan from banks. Thanks to their affiliation with the Akhuwat Foundation, originated by the government of Pakistan, the process of loan approval is easier and faster. So if you have up to 10 million approved as a loan, you can easily buy 5 Marla plots in Al Kabir Town. 

NOC-approved real estate projects surely attract investors big time. Therefore if you were to invest here, you’d be also surrounded by WAPDA Town, Bahria Orchard, Valencia, Bahria Town, and Lake City. all locations offer easy access to major routes to the main city. So whether you want luxury homes and apartments or a budget-friendly plot, you have the investment opportunity with greater ROI with Al Kabir Town. 

4- H&S Hotels 

Real estate is not all about housing projects but also focuses on the commercial side of the book too. Malls and hotels are massive profit-earning chains if bought and landscaped, and marketed wisely. 

H&S Hotels is a top-notch example of a commercial real estate project in Lahore, offering an international living standard. The proud developers, Haqsons Group have built a shopping hub in Lahore near MM Alam Road, that also offers a 5-star luxury boutique hotel. 

So whether you are a visitor or an investor, you can bring your top investment game to earn maximum revenue in H&S Hotels in Lahore. 

5- Dream Gardens 

Situated near Shaukat Khanum Hospital, Dream Gardens fulfills its real estate destiny by offering residential houses and plots to investors! Spread over 4000 Kanals, Dream Gardens can be the future of your dreams. Why? Because it offers not only the best amenities but residents would have direct access to the main city too. 

Plus, it is in near vicinity to Valencia, DHA Rahbar, and Lake City in Lahore which makes it the perfect location for all intents and purposes. So if you want to invest in Dream Gardens you are also likely to enjoy some of the popular landmarks like Lahore Wildlife Park! 

Among the top 5 candidates for real housing projects in Lahore, which one is your favorite? If you are confused about which one to pick, it’s best to visit the place and seek professional consultancy to make the smart decision for your first investment.

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