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Well, I'm not going to insult your intelligence by explaining what a group chat is on a messaging app.

Just  take note that a Telegram group can have up to 200,000 participants and it's impossible to create a secret group exchange, so your group chats are not end-to-end encrypted.

However, a Telegram group is already private by default, which means that only people who are have been invited or who have a "t.me" invitation link are able to join. It is also possible to make a group public, where it will then appear in the group/channel search results and can be joined by anyone.

Above all, telegram groups should not be confused with channels. Groups were designed for multi-party chat, which means that chats are two-way. Channels are not as interactive, as a Telegram channel was designed to deliver content to a large audience.

How to find and join a public Telegram group via online aggregators

Telegram's search function can become limited quickly. You will discover that many sites do offer comparisons and selections of the best Telegram groups, also known as a "directory".

Personally, I find such sites to be rather obscure, the content is almost never useful or verified, being content mines that they are.

Telegram offers a dedicated page on its official website that allows you to explore groups and channels based on several categories. You can also search by name, description, or keywords.


The official Telegram directory does not list all groups and channels / © NextPit

As explained earlier, there are many unofficial alternatives out there, with one of the best known being Tdirectory.me, but bear in mind that they are just aggregators. The selections are not verified and you can very well end up in a group full of scammers.

Since we are on the Internet that is mostly populated by humans (and fewer bots), there are inevitably many pornographic groups and channels. I came across a sub-reddit with a name that sounded very official, but it was exclusive fed by posts from Telegram groups for Onlyfans, etc. I'm not saying it's bad or unhelpful, just that searching for a Telegram group or channel can end up yielding pretty random results.

There are also Telegram channels that promote other groups and channels, but almost all of them charge admins, so I'm not very inclined to recommend them here. I also remember a bot @tchannelsbot that was super useful and acted like a "directory", but it hasn't been active since 2017 and I haven't found a good alternative.

That's it for now for this tutorial.  Did you find it useful? Do you have any other tips for discovering Telegram groups or channels? Let's discuss it in the comments.


How To Get Telegram Group Link To Share

Last Updated: September 5, 2020 by Dinesh Singh

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Telegram is one of the best social networking platforms for creating large groups. With the recent update, you can add as many as 200,000 people in a single group. Admin can constantly maintain the group chat history and also add admins with different rights. Telegram also has some unique features like editing the sent messages, pinned messages, hashtags, customization via bots, etc. Also, Telegram groups are better than WhatsApp or other apps’ groups as you can send large files up to 1.5 GB without many efforts.

You can either add the people in your Telegram group who are in your contact list or you can make people join the group using the Telegram group link.

Using the group invite link, you can also make people join the group that is not owned by you. So without wasting much time, let’s get started.

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·        1 Get Telegram Group Invite Link If You Are The Owner

·        1.1 Give The Access

·        1.2 Revoke Group Invite Link

·        2 Get Telegram Group Link That You Don’t Own

·        3 Conclusion

Get Telegram Group Invite Link If You Are The Owner

Give The Access

1. Open the Telegram group that you own and in which you want to add people. After opening the group, tap on its name at the top.


2. Now there you will see the list of the members currently in the group. Above that, select Add member option.


3. In the next step, tap on Invite to Group via Link at the top.

4. Now, the link to join your Telegram group will be visible to you. You can either copy the link by tapping on it or by tapping on the Copy Link option. You can also share the link directly without copying. Tap on Share Link and options will pop-up to share the link using various social networks and apps like WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram Direct, Messenger, Gmail or via a text message and even on Telegram itself.

Alongside Twitter and Youtube, Telegram (TG for short) is one of the best resources to stay updated on all the latest cryptocurrency trends and which altcoins are pumping.

Reddit groups are also popular, and even Tiktok influencers discuss crypto. Often a crypto project has an online presence across several different social media channels, one of which is a Telegram group.

How Telegram works is it’s possible to set up either a one-way Telegram channel where people can only subscribe to a feed of updates, or a Telegram group where everyone can chat freely (or both). Then some Telegram users are set as moderators and admins to limit spam.

Best Crypto Telegram Groups Now

Which are the best crypto Telegram groups in 2022 though? Our cryptocurrency market research team put together a list of the top three crypto Telegram groups and channels in recent months.

Lucky Block

Lucky Block has been trending on crypto Reddit as its native token LBLOCK went on a 65x run in one month in 2022 after the launch of their crypto giveaway app.

Financial media ranging from Nasdaq.com to Yahoo Finance also featured the coin. Its crypto Telegram group has been gaining attention from interested investors.


One of the most viewed crypto Telegram groups

The LBLOCK price has now corrected after the recent dip in the crypto markets but then recently bounced 100% in Q2 2022.

All major altcoins have a Telegram community where investors can ask questions to the team and developers. Lucky Block’s CEO often does AMA (ask me anything) events on TG for followers.

There’s also a separate one-way channel for news about Lucky Block NFTs and another chat group dedicated to Lucky Block support – that’s easier to ask for help in as the main group has a lot of posts given there are over 44k members.

Check the pinned messages for the latest news updates and tutorials such as how to use Metamask to connect to NFT Launchpad. Pinned messages in Telegram work the same as pinned tweets on Twitter.

  • Lucky Block group link
  • Subscribers – 4

Make sure you follow the official group as there are many imposters on Telegram who adopt similar handles. They have both a free crypto Telegram channel and a VIP Telegram available as a paid service.

  • CryptoSignals.org channel link
  • VIP channel
  • Subscribers – 39k

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