Zaleplon VS Zopiclone Tablets for Insomnia


Insomnia affects one-third of the global population. But there are effective medications to treat these sleep disturbances. Among two of the most popular sleeping pills used are zaleplon and zopiclone. Many people find it hard to choose between these medicines because they are so similar. Yet, in spite of these vast similarities, zaleplon and zopiclone also differ in some ways.

 Zaleplon and zopiclone are non-benzodiazepines. They are also referred to as “Z-drugs.” They get this classification because the names of the medications in this group all begin with the letter Z. Non-benzodiazepines are considered as safer options when compared to benzodiazepines, even though these classes of medication work in the same way. 

When choosing which of these Z-drugs to use for insomnia, you can take a look at their similarities and differences. In this review, we will compare zaleplon and zopiclone, and help you make an informed decision to get back your healthy sleep patterns. 

How Do Zaleplon and Zopiclone Work?

As they both fall into the category of non-benzodiazepines, both zaleplon and zopiclone work in identical ways. The mechanism of action of these sleeping pills involves the main neurotransmitter of the central nervous system, which is gamma-amino butyric acid (GABA). The primary function of GABA is to inhibit the communication of chemical messages from the brain to the rest of the body. It is through this inhibition that there is decreased brain activity and a feeling of calm and relaxation produced. 

Zopiclone and zaleplon function to increase these effects of GABA. These non-benzodiazepines attach and activate the receptors of GABA in order to enhance its inhibitory action. As a result, the muscles in your body are relaxed and you are allowed to drift asleep. The activity of these medications also helps keep you asleep for longer. This assists with treating all forms of insomnia, including the unpleasant nightly awakenings. 

How Are Zaleplon and Zopiclone The Same?

Apart from being in the same group of medications, zaleplon and zopiclone are also similar in other ways. They have comparable side effects. Among those adverse effects that are common to both zaleplon and zopiclone are:

  • Headaches

  • Nausea 

  • Drowsiness

  • Dizziness 

Though these side effects may be listed as common, they are easy to manage. They do not affect every person taking the sleeping pill and are often more likely to affect you when you first start taking the medicine. With continued use of the sleeping tablet, you will see these unwanted symptoms disappear. 

Zaleplon and zopiclone are also similar in cost. They are both affordable because they can both be purchased in generic forms. The generic options are identical to the branded medications because they are made with the same active ingredient. So, for example, if you were to buy generic zopiclone; you will experience the same side effects and effectiveness as if you had bought the original version. This because the generic option will contain zopiclone as its active ingredient, same as that of the name brand sleeping pill. 

How Are These sleeping Pills Different?

strong sleeping pills like Zaleplon and zopiclone differ in their duration of action. This is an indication of how long the sleeping pills can remain active in the body. It is influenced by a variety of factors and are therefore, not the same for every person. 

Zaleplon has an ultra-short duration of action. It can remain effective in the body for about only an hour. This means that once the medicine is cleared from the body, you will need to take another dose. Zopiclone, on the other hand, can remain effective in the system for around five hours. Its effects last longer and so you will take fewer dosages when using this sleep medication. 

Which Treatment Should I Choose?

When deciding whether to use zaleplon or zopiclone, you can take into account the duration of action of each medication. You can also look at the other factors of each of these treatments. No medication is superior to the other, and you often make a choice depending on your personal preference. 

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