Why is my Wavlink WiFi Extender Not Connecting?


Are you facing problems with the Wavlink extender? For sure your wavlink extender is not connecting. 50% of users are up with the same issue. No worries, we are here with numerous tips to troubleshoot this problem.

Facing Issue because of The Wrong Passwords

If you have entered the wrong passwords then, you can easily resolve the issue here by login in the portal wifi.wavlink.com and change the passwords of the router or the Wavlink extender. The given troubleshooting tips can resolve the other issue also of the router along with the extender. 


If your answer is yes then, go through the troubleshooting tips and fix the issues of the wavlink extender and router. 


Wavlink Extender Setup using WPS Method

There is a WPS button on most of the routers which makes this Wavlink extender setup more easy, to expand the wireless existing network easily. Follow these easy steps below to complete the Wavlink setup.

  1. To begin with,Plug your extender into a power outlet and turn it On.

  2. Now, press the WPS button on the extender.

  3. Therefore, wait for two minutes and then, press the WPS button on the router.

  4. The signal LED will turn blue to indicate that WPS connection is successful.

  5. As a result, you can connect your WiFi device to the extender network to enjoy extended WiFi signals.

Reset if the router cannot connect?

Using a needle press the reset button which is located at the end of the extender. In addition, press it for more than 10 seconds. This step is necessary if you are unable to reset the WIFI extender to the router. After the reset your router will ask to set it up again if you don't know how to set it up then, go to Wavlink router login portal and follow the instructions carefully. 

To change the settings of your router and the Wavlink extender, you need to identify the IP address of the router. By using other devices like laptops, phones, tablets etc. you can check if some other similar networks are available in your area. To do the necessary changes you need to change the password and the username of the Wavlink extender and router, or you can login into the portal of wifi.wavlink.com and easily change the password.

Why Wifi routers are good for long-range:

  • Although,it can solve the problem of signals and it can cover a large and efficient number of areas.

  • After the equal distribution of the range, it helps in connecting too many devices altogether.

  • steadfast frequency can help in distributing the signals for betterment.

  • These are available for users at affordable rates.

Use An Ethernet Wire

Using an Ethernet cable you can connect the device to the router to keep in the journey for a long run. While connecting an Ethernet wire always keep in mind to check if it is not cut or broken from the edges or between.

High trafficking devices with sharing same network:

In general to generate the traffic of the network make sure to have other devices, as they can create a good amount of network traffic. 

Move your Extender Close

If you are using a Wavlink AC1200  which is not working, the installation is not correct. As a result the connection is also drooping.  So install the Wavlink extender according to these guidelines:

First, place the extender at a center tidy location.

Electronic items like microwave ovens, all Bluetooth devices, refrigerators and other home security systems should be kept away from your extender and routers.

Although aluminum studs like ceiling fans and studs should be kept away from the extenders. Concrete walls and metal doors can all cause damage.

 As we have already said above, placing the routers in the corners can definitely affect its performance.

Footnote: You need to disable all the wireless security settings. Sometimes the wireless device is not compatible. Once the security mode is disabled, you can access the WIFI control once again. Using Ap setup, you can configure your repeater


In the above article, we have given some exclusive troubleshooting tips which can almost diminish the issue of extender connection. Therefore, follow the tips and tricks carefully as we know they are going to help you.

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