AMD vs Intel: Which Company is Making the Best Processor in the World

 There are two major players, or maybe the only players, that make CPU for PCs, AMD and Intel. AMD has changed its fortune from bankruptcy to the only competitors to the ever-dominating Intel. The scene has changed a lot to the extent that these two CPU manufacturers now enjoy religious followers. 

In this blog, we have covered different factors to determine which one is the best CPU manufacturer for other purposes.  

Gaming Performance 

Intel has been the best gaming CPU for decades now. AMD made the competition tough for its competitor with the 3rd Gen Ryzen chips release in July 2019. It is better in working with multi-threaded applications, designed for the heavy workloads. But the majority of the games are designed for single-core performance. Making the Intel chips favourite of the gamers. 

However, these games never utilize the true potential of high-end processors. The Intel processor is perfect for those fanatics who squeeze the life from every frame. For AMD, they have come quite close with the launch ofRyzen 7 and 9. But they fail to beat Intel Core i7 and i9 in processing the heavy games. Still, it is recommended for gamers who are tight on budget. 

Value and Pricing

Almost everyone considers price as the primary factor while deciding the CPU. The AMD chips are cheaper with more cores per quid spent. You get bundled coolers and the ability to overclock in almost every model. In addition to these features, it also provides Precision Boost Overdrive software for the auto-overclocking feature. The top of the line Ryzen 9 3950X with 16 cores and 32 threads is available at around £580. 

On the other hand, Intel has added Comet Lake-S models to its line-up. With these chips, the company is adding more threads, cores, and features without increasing the price for new generations. You can get the Core i9-9900K processor at £395 with 8 cores to work on. However, Intel could be your only choice for integrated graphics with more than 4 cores. 

Therefore, AMD leads the performance per pound spent on it. There is no competition to its mid- or high-range processors when you consider price as the main factor. In case you want to purchase it before the next paycheque, apply for a guaranteed payday loan from direct lender with no credit check.


AMD is the clear winner when it comes to performance in threaded productivity. The content creation applications require heavy use of threads, cores, and cache for mainstream HEDT and desktop platforms. It exceeds Intel distinctively with its far more performing chips. However, you cannot have that processor with the integrated graphics for 8-cores or above CPUs.

Intel processors have not been able to match it in core count race. The number of cores offered by Intel is heavily outnumbered when we compare the most powerful processors from both the competitors, Ryzen 9 3950X and Core i9-10900K. The HEDT processor from Intel has a disadvantage of 3.5X, making it the second choice for users with a heavy dependency on productive application. 

Features and Specifications

Only the best chipset offered by the two manufactures can suggest a winner in this category. The AMD Ryzen 9 3950X is the company’s premium processor powered by 16 cores and 32 threads. More than enough for you to power everyday office applications and multitasking. The gaming performance is exceptionally smooth with no-lag on frame rates in 4K. 

Ryzen 9 3950 support dual-channel memory and 64MB cache memory. Again, sufficient for heavy users to store the files and programs used frequently. With the AMD, you get more cache, faster support for base memory, and PCIe 4.0. 

Intel processors offer half the number of threads and core when compared to Ryzen 9. However, it surpasses the competition when it comes to single-core performance. The i9-9900K comes with 3.6GHz base speed and an amazing 5GHz turbo clock. The power consumed is also less with 95 watts requirement to the 105 watts of Ryzen 9. 

The integrated graphic is the segment where Intel is the leader. You get a better picture while streaming videos and playing games with full HD and 4K support. The frame rates are amazing, with no to minimal lags and screen tearing. 


Intel has the upper hand with no doubt when it comes to overclocking headroom. For the not-so-tech-savvy audience, a processor can gain more performance than the baseline speed with overclocking. You must know the price you need to spend to achieve this super processing speed. Apart from the pricey Intel K-Series chips, a Z-series motherboard and capable cooler are required to support the overclocked Intel CPUs. 

The attainable frequencies are again more than what AMD currently offers. With the necessary parts installed, you can get even more than 5GHz on all cores. And to add more value, the overclocking is relatively easy with Intel chips. 

You can blame the configuration from it that makes different boost capacities for different cores for this difference. You can get overclocked performance from its processor straightaway courtesy of its precision Boost and thread targeting technique. 

You get the hassle-free boost from the components with the one-click boost. However, the high frequencies will not match with the 5GHz and above offered by Intel. In a nutshell, Intel offers higher frequencies with more headroom for overclocking. At the same time, AMD processor can give you a free and easy boost. 

Final Verdict

The whole prospect of the best CPU is based on the user requirement. AMD has made it to the top in mid-range with a more powerful processor at a competitive price. While Intel is still landing the most in gaming computers. Apart from the factors mentioned above, it excels Intel in-process node, architecture, and security. 

In the Nutshell

Therefore, you must make your requirement clear with the machine before deciding on the processor. For powerful integrated graphic machines, Intel is the only choice. You can rely on AMD for productive applications that require extreme threading and multitasking. For those who are on a tight budget, it offers amazing options at mid-range.