Gadgets that are Making Lives Easy for Seniors

Our grandparents often complain about their inability to operate a certain gadget. The most common ones on their ‘hate list’ happen to be smartphones, laptops, and smart speakers. They are not as accustomed to using technology, in general, as the millennials. My grandmother was cursing my Spectrum Internet connection the other day. But I introduced her to a gadget that she loved as it facilitated her. That was the first-ever gadget that she liked. 
So, if you want to facilitate a senior as well, here are the available options:

Philips Lifeline with Auto Alert

If you have old parents or grandparents you would be familiar with the struggle of convincing them to have an emergency button. They just refuse do have one. Probably, they do not like to admit the fact that they are aging and it is a necessity for them. Things can get pretty serious at times. Often, old people end up falling and breaking bone without anyone knowing about it. Philips Lifeline with auto alert helps to resolve this issue. The person has to wear it on his wrist or tie it around the neck. There are two advantages to doing so. Firstly, the person wearing it has access to a button that he can press whenever the need be. Secondly, the auto alert feature detects if a person has fallen.

GrandCare Systems

This particular gadget makes it easy for children to stay socially connected with their parents and grandparents in another town or state. It allows the person who owns it to not just view the pictures of his loved ones but also keep a record of all his tests and reports. Hence, making it easy for the children (or anyone) to access them with ease. GrandCare is a multipurpose system that is capable of tracking daily activity. It then displays the racked information in the form of charts or useful data. For example, it displays diets, exercises, and discharge plans. Apart from that, it has an interactive video that allows the sharing of family photos, playing games, and accessing the daily news. One needs an Internet connection to use this gadget, though.


This company is helping the senior citizens by providing an on-the-go mobile PERS device. The device comes equipped with GPS and a home-based station. In case of an emergency, all that the person has to do is press the ‘help’ button. After the responding team seeks medical help, it informs the family members of the person on his behalf. The process happens through an email that includes the details of what happened to the person, and where he or she is. Recently, the device also introduced a fall detection feature. It comes in handy for instances when a person is unable to press the help button.


If you know of an old person who is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, this device is for you. Anyone who has seen a close one suffers through this disease would know the struggle of finding them every time that the patient goes out somewhere without telling. It becomes hard to choose between taking away the freedom from the person and putting restrictions on him. The latter is not advisable. But at times there is no other option. MedMinder makes it easy for you to deal with this issue. The patient will not only be trackable when going out but he will also take his pills on time. And won’t take them in access either. This device is a digital pill dispenser. It looks like a normal 7-day model of pills. You can only unlock and take medicines from one type in one day. The others remain locked. Hence, allowing you to keep a check on how many pills your loved one is having.

Reminder Rosie

In case you have a loved one suffering from dementia or Parkinson’s disease, invest in Reminder Rosie. This voice-activated talking clock will tell you whenever it is time for you to have your medicine. You can even use it to set reminders like feeding your cat or taking a walk. A family member will have to set the clock for you, though. My grandmother used it to set a reminder to pay her Spectrum TV package bill. I think that was very cute of her. So, which one of the above gadgets are you buying for your old parents or grandparents? If you have any suggestions, please share.