5 Interesting Reasons of Studying International Relations


There are lots of subjects and disciplines you can study nowadays. Each and every subject has its own value and relevance in academia. Among these, International Relations is one of the most demandable subjects getting attraction more and more. In today’s article, I will discuss 5 interesting reasons that impress students to choose International Relations as a major.

  1. Discovering the aspects of global affairs

The first and foremost alluring aspect of studying International Relations is its discourse of total global affairs. Studying International Relations, you will be able to explain different aspects of any incident in global political arena. You can forecast international and national politics. You can understand historical dynamics of the world. For example, you can understand what is the leadership strategy the statesmen follows, why China is a factor in world politics, how US became world leader and so on.

  1. Diverse area of study

International Relations is such a discipline that covers diverse areas. Alternatively I can say, what does not accommodate it? From history to geography, politics to economics, security to strategy, regional study to environmental change, from ethnicity of religion, from refugee to migrant, from human rights to international law and so on. So, by studying International Relations, you can create a scope to gain higher study on any of the subjects.

  1. High scope of research

By studying International Relations, you will get chances to research. Getting funding for research is easy if you are a student of International Relations. Today’s world is highly globalized. The donors prefer to invest more on global arena to understand future challenges and scopes. As a result, more funds are available in the discipline of International Relations. 

  1. Smart career opportunity

There are numbers of career opportunity for a graduate of International Relations. Government, Non Government Organizations, International Organizations, United Nations, Research Firms, banking sector, corporate groups hires graduate of International Relations in several posts because it is easy for a graduate of International Relations to take part in critical analysis, problem solving and leadership. Here is some of the International Organizations that recruits graduate of International Relations frequently:

  1. United Nations
  2. World Bank Group
  3. Asian Development Bank
  4. Transparency International
  5. Human Rights Watch
  6. Red Cross
  7. ASEAN
  8. SAARC

  1. Man is political!

On the discussion above I picked formal aspects, an informal reason I would like to highlight. By studying International Relations, you will be able to catch political nature of human being. It will help you in your daily life. As you have already gone through theoretical and empirical discourses such as realism, liberalism, constructivism etc, you can scrutinize political behavior of people surrounding you. Thus, it will be a fun as well as a tool to cope up with challenging situation.

Finally, you shouldn’t be allured to study in the discipline of International Relations, if you don’t have enough interest and consistent motivation because there are challenges also to study in this subject. In another article, I hope to discuss it. If you have any question, feel free to contact me!

Sharif Mustajib


Voice of International Affairs