Are eyelash serums with Careprost safe for the eyes?

Each of the substances we use can cause a variety of undesirable reactions. There has been plenty of controversy about eyelash serums within the health profession and within the media, thanks to various side effects among consumers. Although the concentration of Careprost and Bimatoprost Online in such nutrients are below within the case of glaucoma drugs, this substance can still irritate the eyes and their surroundings - that's why it's essential to use the conditioner correctly manufacturer's recommendations.

Many ladies make the error of applying an excessive amount of product or applying too often. You must even be careful not to get the conditioner into the attention. It's also necessary to thoroughly and gently clean the space between the eyelashes before applying the preparation, so there's no cosmetics residue - including colored cosmetics - between the hairs. Sometimes, however, despite proper use of the conditioner, side effects still occur. Among them, we can mention:

  • eye irritation,
  • redness of the eyelids and eyes,
  • inflammation of the conjunctiva, eyelid margins or cornea,
  • burning eyes
  • deterioration of vision,
  • photophobia,
  • changes in iris pigmentation,
  • the feeling of sand under the eyelids,
  • dry eyes

All these symptoms should be consulted with a doctor

What to try and do just in case of side effects?

All disturbing symptoms should be reported to a doctor - preferably an ophthalmologist. It's also a sign to prevent using eyelash serum. When side effects occur, it's good to succeed in proven measures. To alleviate burning, redness, the feeling of sand under the eyelids, and dry eyes, it's worth having moisturizing eye drops in your home cabinet, which might provide quick relief within the fight against ailments.

Do eyelashes grow back and the way long does they grow - the eyelash growth cycle.

The speed of eyelash growth depends on the genetics of a given person and therefore the general condition of the body - the more genetically predisposed someone is to own a variety of long and thick eyelashes, and consequently the healthier lifestyle they lead, the more abundant, shinier and more intensely colored eyelashes are. The eyelashes, a bit like the hair that grows on the top, are subject to a growth cycle divided into phases. There are three main phases of hair and eyelash growth: anagen, catagen, and telogen.


The phase of active lash growth, the amount within which the lash

grows long, is named anagen. This can be when the eyelash is connected to the skin and receives nutrients from the body through the follicle, or more precisely, the papilla of the follicle. In keeping with some sources, the anagen period within the case of eyelashes is merely approx. 30-45 days, consistent with other sources, it's approx. 60-90 days,  during which the eyelash reaches approx. 8-12 mm for the upper eyelid and 6-8 mm for the eyelid.

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Bottom. The discrepancy of sources is maybe thanks to some researchers distinguishing additional phases: early anagen and late anagen. The duration of anagen in months, compared to the time in years of the anagen phase of the scalp hair, explains why eyelashes don't grow as long because of the hair on the top. as an example, eyelash serums that stimulate eyelash growth, containing bimatoprost, work, among others, by extending the anagen phase to the utmost, due to which the frame is ready to keep up the connection of the eyelash with the cardiovascular system for an extended time, also as provide more ingredients that are the building blocks of the eyelashes, which manifests itself in a fuller and longer eyelashes


The eyelash dying phase, i.e., the amount when the eyelash detaches from the skin and also the nipple that connects the eyelash with the skin, disappears within the follicle and ceases to nourish the eyelash. We call it catagen. This era, both within the case of eyelashes and hair, lasts about 2-3 weeks.  The eyelash remains on the eyelid at this stage, but more vigorous pulling of the eyelashes or strong rubbing of the eyelids may cause it to fall out also before this point. The majority of lashes that fall out naturally have the shape of catagen lashes, within which the hair bulb is not any longer visible or very skinny.


The lash or hair resting phase is named telogen. This is often when the follicle at the eyelid's string is empty, no lash grows from it, and is preparing to supply a brand new lash. The telogen period can last up to 100 days.  In other words, after an eyelash falls out, you have got to attend even over three months before a brand new eyelash grows back there. The healthier the organism and the better cared for eyes, eyelids, and eyelashes, the more practical the eyelash growth preparation, the shorter the telogen phase.


The Careprost Eye Drops and Buy Careprost eyelash growth cycle doesn't differ from the hair growth cycle because it is split into identical three phases. A significant difference appears within the duration of the anagen phase, i.e., the active phase of eyelash growth. For this reason, eyelash serums containing bimatoprost, functioning on this phase of the eyelash growth cycle, have such a visual effect and proven effectiveness.