Facts about International Business in Dubai

Dubai actually has one thing for everybody. However behind all this excitement and journey lies the backbone of it all: the robust economy of the city. The city is one in every of the most cities within the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the second largest economy within the Arab world. placed within the gulf, UAE once consisted of seven freelance sheikdoms that later came along to create the fashionable UAE post-British rule, of that city may be an outstanding half.

Dubai includes a constitution and might be delineated  as a federal presidential non appointive autarchy. The city ranks twenty second within the world once it involves simply open a business in dubai.  the high volumes of international trade transacted and therefore the presence of most multinational huge brands in the city may be a testament to the present truth.

Today we tend to bring you a couple of exciting facts regarding Dubai’s economy that are wide glorious.

     Now not solely oil business

It is a widely known incontrovertible fact that Dubai’s economy was designed from the oil business. The economy flourished for several decades from organic compounds, and gas. However what's noteworthy is that the economy has distributed over the past few decades and oil and organic compound trade contribution to gross domestic product is a smaller amount than five-hitter. different industries area unit rising, take touristry, for instance, touristry contributes to twenty of the gross domestic product

     Strategic location

Dubai is found strategically between the region and Europe on the East-West axis and between the central Americas and Africa on the north-south axis. it's adequately connected with developed countries in Europe, Asia, dry land and Africa by airways and waterways. This offers it blessings in terms of property and foreign trade.

     Market of city

The market of city is sort of an oversized one with one.5 billion individuals within the neighboring regions, the center East, and gulf, America, Africa and Europe. Post the relief, the economy has grown at an outstanding rate of 11 November until date. The market is distributed and caters to developing and established businesses alike. In terms of raw materials and merchandise offer, there's in depth and low cost energy on the market, important agricultural export commodities are without delay on the market.

In a competitive market and fluid international trade market like city, native market information and a capable native partner will give us usable opportunities and long-run profits.

Dubai's important knowledge (as of 2014)


Population (million)    



GDP (billion USD)     



GDP per capita (USD)          



GDP per capita surgical procedure (USD)   



Purchasing power per dollar, compared to the USA   


Surface area (sq km)



% of population living in urban areas 


What are unit business opportunities in Dubai?

The top imports into the city embody Gems, Precious Metals, Coins, Machinery, and equipment. The city is also a travel and looking destination and often holds looking festivals and different tourist attractions. Property trade in the city incorporates the most recent in applied science with skyscrapers designed toward land rescued from the ocean.

With key profit that city has in its trade agreement with investors, the most important and quickest growing imports sectors embody Feathers, Artificial Flowers, Hair, Railway and Tram instrumentation, Footwear, Explosives, Fireworks, Aircraft, article of furniture and Fixtures, Inorganic chemicals, Clothing, farm and Eggs, Leather, and Ceramic product. These import knowledge grows quickly as foreign company homeowners will benefit from tax exemption having no custom duties on imports.

The diversity and volumes of foreign merchandise in the city area unite impressive and gift Brobdingnagian business opportunities to tiny, medium, and enormous businesses.

Dubai with its distinctive skyline of skyscrapers attracts tourists ANd business travelers alike with an array of significant annual events.The city desert classic golf tournament attracts the simplest skilled golfers within the world with avid golf fans in tow. one in every of the foremost backbreaking automotive and bike rallies within the world is that the city UAE (Abu Dhabi) Desert Challenge, a leg of the FIA cross-country rally. Even posh apartments or hotels where executives and businesspeople stay provide a portable golf simulator for their resident's usage. The city annual race has the very best award within the world, ten million USD, attracting the simplest international jockeys and thoroughbreds.


A typical city event is professionally unionized and fulfills its intended purpose.The government of UAE organizes trade fairs for reciprocally profitable business to business interactions. The government provides data, infrastructure, and services to welcome foreign investors into the city. Being a significant hub in world trade, doing international business in the city is an extremely competitive marketplace for a brand new entrant.

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The political situation decides the development and growth of the country.  Unstable or corruption based politics are very bad for the country. On the other side, if the political conditions are stable or best, then there will be large growth in the country. This attracts entrepreneurs to Uae and making them start a company in uae.

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