Potential Benefits & Potent Threat to Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Every invention that man has ever made has two faces for man. A good face and face of blessing for humanity. A bad face and a face of potent threat for the face. The vehicle shortened the distance. People die from vehicle accidents. Airplanes shortened the distance. Airplanes smashed the tallest buildings in the world. Internet is for connectivity. Internet is also used for hacking. What about Artificial Intelligence? Is it not liable to threats and disadvantages? The greater the invention, the greater the threat. Yes, artificial has the same fate as any other human inventions in the world. It retains so many advantages for humanity. It also retains so many disadvantages for humanity as well. Really? Tech- savvier Safety Glasses can give a live transmission of the secret mission back to base. This spec can also help leak sensitive info while recording in meetings. You cannot deny the negative aspects of an invention. All you can do is to convince the people to choose the good and productive side of that particular invention.

Artificial Intelligence has the opulence for the enterprise of coining the 24/7 availability for them. Yes, Artificial Intelligence has a 24/7 presence in the forms of artificial Chatbots in the world. Artificial Intelligence can run the central nervous system of an organization at best. Artificial Intelligence can give better precision and accuracy in rationales. Artificial Intelligence can be programmed to work longer than an average professional does. Artificial Intelligence can be advanced into a non-regarded aspect of time. There won’t be the compulsion of time for Artificial Intelligence. If a custom gaming pc can run for 24 hours without heating up and by working correctly why can’t a device that is running on Artificial Intelligence? Yes, it can. Artificial Intelligence can drive automation to a whole new level. Artificial Intelligence can make the banking sectors more secure and compatible in accordance with the needs. Artificial Intelligence can make IT Sector totally revolutionized in the best means possible.

What else can Artificial Intelligence do? It can give the technical assistance at multiple fronts in the best supportive means possible with huge accuracy. In the contemporary working system, a man is designated a single role in a professional sector. He/she excels in that particular role. On the other hand, Artificial Intelligence can have multiple roles a time. Artificial Intelligence can handle multiple roles without the worldly aspects of specificity of designation. Artificial Safety Goggles can give the augmentation in real time.

Coming to the drawbacks and another downside Artificial Intelligence can retain in the future. Artificial Intelligence is very expensive to retain and manage in the first place. It doesn’t come cheap. Why aren’t the greater mathematicians in the world today as they used to be in the past? Because an optimist had invented a Calculator. Artificial Intelligence would cast a similar impact of laziness, incompetence, and other hazards on a human if it prevails in an all-out manner. Artificial Intelligence does have downsides. All it needs that scientists need to figure it out before these downsides prevail.