A Fascinating Behind-the-Scenes Look at Valentines Roses


Roses are romantic and perfect Valentine’s Day flowers. No other flower than red roses can express the love you have for your partner. The popular red rose is just amusing to gift to your valentine. 

The deep red colour of the rose dines loves, passion and affection you have for your valentine. It is a small gift with a ton of feelings. Any women or man will fall in love with you one more time when you present them a beautiful rose for Valentine’s Day. As there are stunning facts about it, let us take a fascinating look at the valentine roses. 

The Different Types Of Adorable Red Roses   

1. The Piano Red Rose 

The piano red rose is the most elegant flower to gift. It is a unique variety of red rose that has cupped blooms. The roses are full and elegant as music. They have stems that have rosebud on each side. The outer petals are deeper in colour. Couples who are mad in love can gift these flowers to each other. Also, you can now send red roses to India to surprise your partner anywhere in India.

2. The Red Paris Rose 

The red Paris rose is a variety that is chic and trendy. It is a classic valentine day rose that is in velvety red colour. There are tons of red Paris rose bouquet arrangements available here. They look adorable in a bouquet. Anyone getting this rose flower bouquet will feel special. You can now buy the red Paris Valentine’s Day roses for the best price here.

3. The Heart Red Rose 

The hearts red roses are the most popular valentine day choice. Many couples prefer this rose as it is unique. This deep red rose will surely steal someone’s heart. The ruffled petal of this rose defines the complexity of love. It is a perfect valentine day rose to gift your wife or fiancé. You can order this flower and choose the same day flowers delivery in India. Also, you can order flowers online with lovely gift packs.

4. The Freedom Red Roses 

The bright and bold freedom red roses are famous for its large cup blooms. One freedom rose is more than enough to surprise your valentine. As the rose is big and beautiful, it is perfect for the propose day. Anyone getting your proposal will easily accept it when you get this rose. You can now get the freedom red roses for Valentine’s Day with the same day delivery option. 

5. Mayra Red Roses 

Mayra variety red roses are exclusive as they come straight out of a garden. These red roses offer a romantic feel in any flower arrangement. You can get the Mayra valentines roses for the best price only here.

6. Other Valentine Day Roses 

Roses other than red colour have more meaning to the valentine day. Each colour rose to define different type of love. There are white roses that are perfect for a wife or the husband. The white roses express love and appreciation. 

Get the white rose bouquet with online gifts packages for your marriage mate on the Valentine’s Day. If you want to give something out of the box, then you can choose the enchanting purple roses. They are unique and suitable for couples who are very serious about valentine day. These exclusive rose varieties are only available here. You can now choose the online delivery of roses India. 


Fascinating behind the scene look at the valentine roses may be very amusing for you. Now it is time to get the most adorable valentine day rose to surprise your valentine. Make the day even more special by getting gift packs on this online gifting sites.