What you need to know about Rovelo Tyres


People with small incomes live on a limited budget. They don’t have enough resources to spend more. So they adjust with their primary income and look for cheaper options. In other words, they search for products that come in their budget. In this way of living, they spend less on categories for which they believe that the sacrifice made will not impact them and save for other categories that are more important for them. With this, they enjoy the idea of getting a good bargain on whatever they buy. This is because they cannot afford to pay more than they may, for the things they wish to purchase.


These people try to spend as little as possible on the things which seem insignificant to them. These things include the tyres as well, which are very important from the point of view of having a safe and comfortable ride. That is why the tyre manufacturing companies produce tyres under three broad categories of brands premium tyre brands, quality tyre brands and the budget tyre brands. 


Eminent budget  tyre brands

The third category of tyres is the budget tyres designed for the middle-income groups only to suit their needs. Some popular tyre brands that make cheap but quality tyres are Wanli tyres, Minerva tyres, Fortuna tyres, Go Wind tyres, Lanvigator tyres, and Aoteli Rovelo tyres and Autogreen tyres.


About Rovelo Tyres


Rovelo is the brand which is based in China. These tyres are produced by a Chinese company named Sailun Co. Ltd. These tyres fall into the category of budget and mid-range tyres in the market. They are the tyres with high quality that are made available to the customers at affordable prices. They provide exemplary performance levels at low costs. People with a limited shopping budget can confidently go for Rovelo tyres as they give an excellent return for the money spent on them. 


History of Rovelo Tyres

Sailun company entered into a partnership with the Qingdao University of Science and Technology which led to the partial development of technology. This technology brought into existence the Rovelo tyres. Through the partnership, Sailun got the privilege of using the most modern technologies for manufacturing both Rovelo tyres and Sailun brand tyres.


Rovelo Products Range

Rovelo tyres come into four groups. These are car tyres like RHP-778, RHP-780, RHP-780P and RPX-988, among this RPX-988 is the most preferred one. Then comes the 4×4 tyres including RHP-780, RHP-780P and ROAD QUEST. The third group is of Van tyres, including RCM-836, and the last group is of Winter tyres consisting of RWT-768.


Rovelo Summer Tyres

These tyres are suitable for temperatures of more than 7 degrees Celsius. They provide exemplary performance in all summer conditions because of a unique rubber mixture used in the tyres' manufacturing. This rubber mixture helps in ensuring a firm grip and excellent brake systems. Rovelo Summer tyres include RCM-836, RHP-780, RHP-780P, ROAD QUEST HT and RPX-988.


Rovelo Winter Tyres

Rovelo Winter tyres are designed to provide a safe and comfortable drive during all winter journeys. They perform well at temperatures below 7 degrees Celsius. The unique mixture of rubber and enhanced tread compounds make these tyres suitable for the snowy and icy conditions. Rovelo Winter tyres consist of RWT-768.


Rovelo tyres have been made after a lot of research and development. The result is that these tyres can give maximum satisfaction to the customers in the form of appropriate gripping on wet and dry roads, cornering stability, aquaplaning resistance, reduced tread wear leading to increased mileage, low noise levels, better steering response and others. Thus these car tyres or vehicles tyres enable the drivers to get a smooth and efficient drive at meager prices. Rovelo brand strives to create a trusted budget alternative in the global industry.

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