Seven Things You Shouldn’t Do on Social Media

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People spend long hours on social media and this affects their social life and also their mental health. They tend to make crude jokes about their friends and colleagues. All this seems funny once or twice but not all the time. One of the things about social media posts is that people easily forget the things they post and ignore the fact that it becomes an eternal part of online archives. As a social media enthusiast, it should be your duty to make sure that you use it as a source of entertainment and not as a Hall of Shame for any users. 

Social media platforms these days are very smart and come with community standards and they tend to prompt users to adhere to certain rules and refrain from using content that is not allowed. Also, users have the right to report an account or a post that they find harassing, obscene, insulting to them or somebody they know and spreads hatred. Many things are coming up regarding social media platforms and social media business in the news. You can watch such updates and news on cable TV packages and channels offered by Spectrum Select channels Let’s have a look at a few things that you as a user shouldn’t do on social media: 

Posting Pictures Without Permission

This is just like photo theft and should include proper credit for an image that you might have taken. If you are not following this then it is absolutely wrong. You should always ask permission from the subject or the person you are clicking no matter who he or she is or where they are. Even if you are at a party and you have clicked somebody doing an awkward pose even then you should ask for their permission before posting it on social media. 

Manipulating Photograph

This thing might be very funny for you while you were in middle school but manipulating pictures and posting them on social media is a bad idea. Especially when you are in a business circle or with your family, these things are considered highly immature and inappropriate. 

Do Not Make Any Sexual References

It is very tempting for people to post sexual jokes and references that they might have heard by a coworker. But this is not funny at times and can make other people uncomfortable. One should always remember that when they are using social media, they are on a public forum and there is a high chance that people misinterpret your reference as a bad joke. 

Threatening Somebody’s Life

This might not happen but it does happen that people show up on a post and give out death threats to people. Such actions are not considered legal and one should always refrain from making such comments that might show as a threat to someone. Also, it is not legal to hurt people constantly on social media. 

Do Not Tag Someone in an Embarrassing Picture 

If you are using Facebook, then you have the provision of approving any tags by your friends or family in a picture that is posted by them. You can approve or decline the tag before it appears on your feed. Many users forget to enable this feature and get into trouble if someone tags them in an inappropriate post or photo.

You Shouldn’t Swear on Comments or Posts

This is not ethically right and it is not appropriate to swear on a social platform. It might look so cool to swear while commenting or using such words on a post but it is not and makes you look like a cruel and insensitive individual. Many social platforms help keep the communities and environment respectful for others and refrain from using swearing words and flag your posts. On Facebook, if you use a word that is not appropriate, you might not be able to post a comment and you are asked to have a look at the Community Standards of Facebook. 

Violating Copyrights on Photos 

It is very easy for someone on social media to claim somebody else’s work as their own. In case you come across such an incident and you know who the real photographer is, let them know that it is not their work and proper credits should be given to the original photographers and on ethical grounds avoid claiming somebody else’s work.

Final Thoughts

In the end, using social media for recreation or networking makes these platforms one of the best places to explore the world, do business, and learn things. It is required that people should keep social media networks safe, friendly, and free from all threats.