Introduction About Bangla Word


Bengal Word is basically typing software. But its features and functioning make it the best of the rest!

Have a look at its technical details:

The size of this software is 7Mb once you get installed, you don’t need to download any other plugins. It is built-in architecture 32 Bit/ 64 Bit.

Bengali Word is used by over 2 million users across the world.

Where most of the typing software has crucial bugs…this one is specially designed for Bengal Texts. If you are working with Bengali documents…this is a perfect option for you!

Internet commonly knows this software as BanglaWord.exe.

This software provides 39 Fonts at minimum resources that is another good reason to download this.


Details on Bengali Word Software 

The Bengali language is not limited to Bengal. If you are good in this area…you can get many opportunities related to this field.

Now, most of the secondary language typing software has a different keypad but Bangla word is built to function on a QWERTY keyboard. This means you can type Bengali from an English keyboard.

Using English keyboards over any other is really beneficial. We will discuss some key advantages of this software later in this post.

This software was firstly designed in the beta version. After its popularity and high demand…it is converted into full typing software for the Bengal language.

The developer built this software using TX control.

Just DOWNLOAD Bangla Word and experience smooth typing!


Important Features


What do you expect from typing software? Absolutely fast and modest typing!

This demand of most typists is fulfilled in this Bengali Typing Software. Some of its key features are discussed below have a look at them.


Bangla Script

This feature is highly beneficial for those who use various devices for typing. With Bangla Script one can do typing through iPhone, iPod, or iPhone.

With one touch you can change the typing pad and work on E-mail and several social platforms.

Today, Bangla Word software has provided an easier method to type Bengali!


Bangla Letters 

Like all other typing software do your English typed alphabets get converted into Bengali. Whenever you type any letter its program converts that character into a specific Bengali one.

It is said that Bangla Typing Software uses English Letter Photonic Sounds. This program leads this function to happen!   


Avoids English to Bengali Translation 

Most of the typing software fools you by doing Translation in place of converting the characters. They simply translate what you write.

However, Bangla Software doesn’t do so!

It is clearly mentioned that it is not for Translation…the purpose of using this software should be English to Bengali Typing.

That’s it!



Supported Platform 

Bangla Typing Software is highly versatile.

If you are using this software for Computer Typing then it works best. While if you wanted to use this software on iOS devices…it can be used there as well!

Those who are going to Bangla Word Download in Windows should check the requirements as follows.

Minimum RAM: 128 or above

Minimum System: All Windows

Minimum Processor: Intel Premium or above

Minimum Hard Disk: 50MB or above.

These are the minimum requirements of this software. If your system stands on their demands…you can easily download and use Bangla Word.




Hopefully, you found this article useful!     

We discussed a lot about Bangla Word and on the bases of its aspects…we can state it as Best Bengali Typing Software in the market.

Also, you can share your views in the comment box. On which software you want brief details? Comment below and let us know.

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