Last Minute Party Snacks and Dessert Ideas

Party Snacks and Dessert Ideas

Last-minute party ideas are always welcomed because the planned ones never happen. However, the only hassle is to decide the party menu. Instead of planning your playlist, it’s better you plan your snacks dessert list because boiled eggs or different variants of maggi won’t help you any more. In this list, we have shared ideas that you can make with a handful of ingredients in an hour before the party kicks off. 

  1. Pasta Bake: Give twist to the regular pasta and temp the taste buds of your invitees. You can serve the pasta bake as an appetizer or as a salad with the main course. It is filling as well, so if you are low on time, you can cut down the number of snacks by one or two. It’s easy to make, the art lies in the layering.  1. Boil the pasta, toss vegetables in oil with chilli flakes and oregano, make white sauce 2 Take a baking dish, apply pizza sauce and sprinkle vegetables 3. Add another layer of white sauce.  4. Now, spread pasta and cover it with cheese. Add lots and lots of it 5. Garnish with olives and herbs 6.Bake until the cheese is melted

  1. Bruschetta: An Italian grilled bread dessert that is super easy to make and quick to eat. You can easily get Bruschetta loaves from the market, in case you don’t you can go with the regular one. For some, it’s the best summer snack and you can make it bright by adding cherry red tomatoes.  1. Lightly toast the Bruschetta after applying olive oil 2. Rub it with garlic clove 3. Prepare tomato, basil, balsamic mixture. You can add mushrooms for flavour.  4. Now, add the mixture to the toasted slices of bread, add a spoonful of olive oil and toast it a little more until golden brown.  5. If you have children on your guest list, add cheese because that’s what they love. 

  1. Banana Popsicle: If you are wondering what it could be, then banana has been made sweeter and delicious for you. It’s a 15-20 minutes recipe that is healthy and delicious at the same time. Make everyone at the party go bananas… with this dessert idea 1. Take a banana and slice it along the length. Insert ice-cream sticks into the sliced bananas 2. Melt chocolate and dip the banana sticks into it.  3. Make sure the bananas are richly coated with chocolate. Sprinkle chopped nuts 4. Freeze until hardens

  1. Bite Sized Tacos: When talking about snacks, it would be a sin not to mention tacos. What’s even better than your regular tacos are these bite sized. You can garnish them with the choice of your veggies, try seasonal ones with hints of sour cream and other types of condiments.  1. Make small tortillas.  2. Make filling of vegetables as you like 3. Fill the filling into the tortillas.  4. If you are using chicken, beef or pork; garnish with some veggies on top

  1. Chocolate Strawberries: It’s time for some berry-liciousness. Juicy inside and chocolatey outside, this is the perfect dessert to satiate summer thirst and sweet cravings. You can use other fruits as well like blueberries or dried apricots.  1. Melt dark chocolate, milk or white chocolate  2. Dip the fruit into it.  3. Use sprinkles, nuts, or chocolate chips for toppings 4. Refrigerate it until chocolate hardens 

  1. Garlic Parmesan Potatoes: For those who love carbs, will love these potato wedges. Sprinkled with your favourite seasoning and lots of olive oil, it will be finished within minutes. And you will be having all the ingredients at home 1. Cut thick slices of potatoes 2. Marinate it in parmesan cheese with spices 3. Fry until golden brown 4. Top with your favourite seasoning

  1. Nutella Banana Pizza: Don’t put your guests into the dilemma what to choose: pizza or dessert? Let them have the best of both worlds-- a nutella banana pizza. The only time you have to spend is making the crust. You can use pre-baked pizza crust as well.  1. Spread Nutella on the pizza crust (bake it until golden brown) 2. Add slices of ripe banana 3. Top with hazelnuts and nuts 4. Sprinkle cinnamon powder on top

You are ready to host a yummy party at the last hour. If you want to have a cake because that would take your celebrations to the next level, order it from Bakingo bakery in noida. Bon Appetit! 

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