Flowering Plants In India That Live All Year

Just like yoga or massage, gardening is a therapy and also makes for a great hobby. However, let us all accept the fact that gardening is not easy, unless you know about all your flowering plants by heart or you are a professional gardener. When planting flowers in your garden, you have to take care of the season, weed out the dried plants, sow new seeds and also maintain their flowering conditions for them to grow completely and then repeat the same process every four months. But what if we could make the gardening process a lot more simple and fun, without compromising on the quality of the garden and also save ourselves from the process of planting the seeds all over again? Today, we bring a list of flowering plants that remain green throughout the year and segmented into annual flowers that can be grown in the summer and winter season. 

Rose: A beautiful flowering plant, rose has more than 300 species and can also form group plants that can be shrubs and can flower throughout the year. The red rose plant is the most common and popular one among folks and therefore you can plant a beautiful rose flower in your garden. You do not have to pluck the plant once it has flowering plants but all you have to do is prune the leaves and stems for it to flower again. 

 Bougainvillea: A great tropical plant, Bougainvillea makes for great climber plants. An evergreen climber, this plant is used as an ornamental in many gardens. The bright colours of the flowers of a Bougainvillea plant can add life to your gloomy garden and the plant loves to grow in open-air and hot and dry climate.  The plant is also resistant to attacks from birds and has thick piercing thorns. 

Hibiscus: Also known as a shoe flower, the hibiscus flower has brightly coloured flowers with vividly coloured petals. The flower is also known to have medicinal values and is often used as a dissecting flower to teach children more about the body and parts of a flower. A hibiscus has many species and a wide range of variations with wide uses. 

Ixora: A common summer flower that can be found  in many gardens, this flower has more than 500 species and grows freely in the summer months and also during the winters. The flower has red, yellow and bright orange colours and their growth and maintenance is also quite simple. 

Lantana: With broad leaves and vibrant flowers, this plant  looks like a vine and is categorised as a shrub. These flowers come in a wide variety of colours and are available in rich colours like yellow, orange, white, red and purple. These plants make excellent foliage and prefer warm climates, well-drained soil and less fertilizer. 

Milii: Also known as Christ plant or Christ thorn, this flower is native to Madagascar however grows well in the climate and conditions of India. This flower can be grown in many regions around the country and requires a warm climate and well-moisturized soil. The flowers or these plants are small and unique and the plant is a low maintenance species. 

Jasmine: Also called a pinwheel flower, Jasmine is an evergreen shrub native to Indi and now widespread all over Southeast Asia. The flower is also used in ayurvedic products, and are used as antioxidants, analgesics and anti-tumor. 

Clitoria Ternatea: This flower belongs to the family of Fabaceae and is also known as the name of Asian Pigeonwings. This plant grows as a vine or a creeper and requires good moist soil to grow well. This flower is also known as a colouring agent and also helps to improve memory and reduce stress. This flower grows almost throughout the year and is easy to care for. 

These flowers are sure to adorn the beauty of your garden and bloom throughout the  year and also do not require much care. So if you are planning to do gardening anytime soon, these are the flowers that you must consider growing in your garden as these flowering plants in India remain green throughout.