Global Copper Exploration

We cannot imagine our lives with copper. You will find copper excerpts in almost everything around you. The emerging use of copper is simply implicating that this precious metal has irreplaceable importance for economic growth and development. If you look into the history of copper, it was the first metal to be worked on by humans. This bright metallic lustrous metal appears reddish-orange found in either pure form or chemical compounds. 

Significance of Copper

With the desirable properties of copper, it is widely used for industrial purposes. This metal secured the third rank for its extreme importance in industrial work after iron and aluminum. 

The properties of coppers make it a widely used valuable metal. It is effectively utilized in electrical applications, household products, architecture, chemical applications, and biomedical applications, due to which the copper demands keep on increasing. Below we’ve listed those properties that have made copper the most important resource in the industry:-

  • Electricity and heat conductivity

  • High malleability and ductility

  • Antimicrobial nature

  • Corrosion-resistant

  • Non-magnetic

Copper Exploration

The copper metal lumps are found buried in the ground as a native metal. Escondida mine in Chile and Grasberg Mine in Indonesia is the topping in the list of largest copper mines in the world, contributing millions of tons of copper every year. The mines are set up in the region where there is more than 5 kg of copper per tons of rock found. 

The mining process begins with exploration and several further operations continue till the production end with post-mining land use. Various companies like Collective Mining Inc. are involved in advancing the exploration process on a large scale. Collective Mining stock works hand in hand with its stakeholders for mutual benefit. 

The mineral deposits are identified through exploration. Nowadays with modern technologies, the exploration process is facilitated and driven. The geophysical and geochemical technologies introduced by the government and industry have greatly contributed to mineral discoveries since the 1950s. Ongoing research on geological science, geochemical and geophysical methods in the approach to developing technology will enhance the effectiveness of copper exploration. The copper is extracted from the ores by following two methods:-

  1. Underground mining- In this mining method, a vertical shaft is sunk into the earth’s surface to reach the ore. Horizontal tunnels are driven into the ore. El Teniente copper mine in Chile is the largest underground mine that yields over 400,000 metric tons of copper every year. 

  2. Open-pit mining- This is the widely used mining method as over 90% of ores are mined with this method. Benches and terraces are used to reach deeper into the earth’s surface. Bingham Canyon Copper mine in the USA is the largest open-pit mine in the world under production since 1906.


Copper has made our lives easier by making our homes, institutions, and business even more decorative and efficient. Yes, it is definitely hard to imagine our lives without copper. The properties of copper include high ductility, malleability, thermal and electrical conductivity, making it a widely used metal. That’s why copper exploration is the most crucial process for effective copper extraction and production to meet the immense global needs.

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