How can Managed Security Service Provision Harness the Power of IP Geolocation?

power of IP Geolocation
A data breach is currently the worst nightmare for any firm as the consequences of such an attack range from degrading brand reputation to profit loss. Since being present on the digital platform has become necessary for every firm, they need to act smart. 

According to a recent study, firms have lost around $4.5 million due to data breaches. More than 70% of US consumers have always avoided a website that doesn't provide proper data security. 

When it comes to keeping the data secure, you should block all the loopholes of your digital presence that let hackers enter your system. And one such method that you can use to block the loopholes is to opt for managed security service provisions working on the best IP geolocation database. 

Let's see how MSSPs are using the power of IP geolocation to keep their clients' data secure.

The use of IP geolocation by MSSPs

A GeoIP database acts as an accurate source of IP geolocation information. Any firm can block owners, email addresses, and domains related to malicious IP addresses from accessing the internet-facing network component with this information. It also aids in double-checking whether the visitor is actually from the place where he claims to be or not. 

Moreover, a GeoIP location aids companies to screen traffic in real-time to keep bad traffic at bay. The helpful tool acts as a savior for the following applications:

Protection from fishing 

The social engineering ploys are now helping criminals increase the chances of their email attacks. It helps them trick the user into downloading malware disguised as a harmless attachment, click on malicious links, and so on. 

Best IP geolocation database can thwart most common threats like BEC as the IP geolocation helps the company to cross-check whether the sender of the email address corresponds to a senior executive IP address or not.

Fraud prevention

Any website conducting any type of financial transaction is always on the hit list of hackers, but an IP geolocation database can be used to minimize such risks. This can be done by integrating the IP geolocation database with financial forms. 

This helps verify whether the current visitors' IP address matches with the account holder's details. Indeed, many account holders have multiple IP addresses, but this simple cross-checking helps determine potential fraud cases for companies. 

Protection against unknown threats

Criminals are always coming up with new malware to get their hands on your system and data. Now, such threats have become stealthier, making them hard to detect even after having robust security layers. 

But you can stay away from such threats by simply identifying the indicators of compromise or IoCs. They usually come in the form of email address, the domain, or the organization or person's name. 

Limiting access to protected media 

According to recent research, it has been found that people are accessing pirated content 300 billion times per day, and this number is going to increase in the future. The best tool firms currently have to tackle such issues is DRM. 

But you can enhance DRM by integrating it with the IP geolocation database since this adds a verification layer. 

IP geolocation is adding an extra layer of security to MSSPs, and that's why all the firms are eager to fully exploit the power of IP geolocation databases being provided by reputed and experienced companies. DB-IP is a well-known IP Geolocation database company in the market.