How to Hammock Camp Comfortably in Nasty Weather?

Hammock Camp
Not camping due to bad weather is the worst excuse anyone can give. Weather, lack of skills, and even a busy schedule can never stop a campaign fanatic from setting a fireplace in the middle of the jungle and enjoying stargazing while winding down in the hammock. 

If you have a proper kit, a hammock, and a tarp set up, then even a nasty weather condition won’t be able to stop you from camping at your favorite location. Whether it is cold outside or raining heavily, all this can be thwarted with the proper equipment and a hammock. 

So, let’s see how you can find a comfortable hammock camp comfortably through this blog post. 

Proper campsite selection 

It’s evident that a proper tool kit always comes in handy when you are dealing with bad weather while camping, but your first line of defense is always proper campsite selection. To begin on the right foot, you should always choose a campsite that is well protected by trees, natural terrain features, and foliage, as this will keep you safe even in the worst climatic conditions. 

Never set your camp in an isolated place with dispersed trees, as even a windy day can ruin your entire camping plan. Places with dense trees also make it easier to set your hammocks since you find abundant trees located 12 to 18 feet apart. So even for winter hammock camping, you should always find a good campsite.

Setting the tarp 

The way you set your tarp while camping can also play a crucial role in keeping yourself comfortable and safe during nasty weather conditions. The tarp configuration mainly depends on the model of the tarp and the weather condition, but you can follow a few general rules in every condition. 

If you are worried about gusts, never pitch your tarp parallelly or perpendicularly with the wind direction. And while finding trees for winter hammock camping, try to find trees with thick trunks as they will keep the tarp fixed in the same position instead of swaying with the wind. 

Choosing the right gear 

An important thing to note is just as important as choosing the suitable campsite and setting the trap is selecting the right kit for your winter hammock camping. Just buying hammocks alone and thinking you don’t need anything else for your camping trip is just a myth. 

Every expert camper knows the importance of having the right gear as camping is full of uncertainties. You have to be prepared for every situation, from being awake for the whole night to dealing with nasty weather conditions. 

A list of gears to buy along with your hammock 

The first thing to look for is a quilt, as this will keep your body warm during chilling winter nights while camping in the backcountry. If you have already decided to camp on a winter night, you should look for an under quilt and a top quilt. 

Another essential gear you may need while camping with a hammock is a tarp, as it keeps you safe from everything falling from the sky, from snow to raindrops. Always buy a good quality tarp instead of saving money by choosing the regular blue-colored tarp available in the market for a few bucks. 

Gone are those days when bad weather meant skipping the camping day. Today, there are so many quality gear in the market that can make your life easier while camping, even in the most challenging weather conditions. Just make sure you are buying the best quality gear and are aware of the environs while camping.