Inflatable Hot Tubs: Waste Of Money or Worthy Investment?

While I was shopping at Costco last week, I noticed that they carried a range of patio and lawn furniture that interested me. My backyard needs a little sprucing up so I discussed a budget with my husband, and we decided it was time to renew our backyard. After we had a landscaper come in, he was surprised at the size of the plot of land we had, and suggested we add an inflatable hot tub to fill in some of the area. I’ve never actually sat in a hot tub, inflatable or not. So naturally, I was skeptical. Why would anyone pay good money for a glorified kiddie pool? Here’s what I found out.

They Are Actually A Sophisticated Piece Of Equipment

Despite what I initially thought about these blow up tubs, my research showed that there’s a lot of technology involved in creating these hot tubs. The walls are made with an advanced type of PVC that allows it to be inflatable while also allowing for reinforced walls. Additionally, the heating equipment that is installed can heat up the water to temperatures similar to that of traditional hot tubs. I was surprised to find a jet system too, which works surprisingly well. For a substantially cheaper alternative to inground hot tubs, they function pretty much similarly.

Setting Up The Hot Tub Is Incomparable To Other Options

If you’ve ever looked up the construction cost (and hassle) of installing an inground hot tub or any other fixed option, then you already know how much of  a daunting task it can be. With an inflatable hot tub, anyone can set up the entire unit with no help from construction or even an extra pair of hands. Many models include a pump to blow up the tub for youm so you need not worry about finding an air compressor. You can even deflate and stow away the tub if you feel you won’t be using it for a long time. Most units fold away flat, and take up to negligible space in your garage of storage area. Additionally, you can easily carry the hot tub, taking it with you to vacation homes or a friend’s party if you feel like it.

Conclusion: Are They Worth The Small Investment?

Despite the significantly lower price, inflatable hot tubs are actually a durable option for many homeowners. You can add functionality to your backyard for a fraction of the price that a traditional hot tub would cost, a drastically easier set up. The units function very much like a normal hot tub, with heated water and air jets to allow you to enjoy a relaxed time during any season. They are slightly less energy efficient than their fixed counterparts, but the difference is negligible. Finally, due to their different shape that allows for more space in the water, inflatable hot tubs can be used as small pools if you turn off the heating unit and lower the water jets to keep filtration working.

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