When there is No Romance in your Relationship?

Romance in your Relationship

Humans have been social creatures right from the beginning of time. We are used to living in a society, and through this interaction, we develop a close personal relationship. And one of the best relationships that we have is the bond with our spouse. But have you ever thought about how important is romance in that type of relationship? 

If you go by a survey conducted by the famous platform Statista, then you will understand the universal significance of romance in a relationship. The survey might even change your perception of what women and men think about romance in a relationship. 

So, let’s dig deep into the world of relationships and understand the importance of romance in relationships. 

A vast majority of people find romance to be a crucial part of a relationship. 

You can define romance as an expression of one’s strong affection or a strong emotional desire to connect with someone. There was even a survey conducted to find out how much importance people give to romance in relationships. In that survey, the researchers saw that almost 90% of the people find romance a vital part of relationships. 

From these findings, it has become clear that romance holds significant importance in relationships, and it is the base on which any relationship is built. If there is no romance in a relationship, then there is undoubtedly something wrong with that relationship. You should get in touch with a relationship therapist in such a situation.  

Romance always affects whether or not you are in love. 

During the same survey, researchers found that almost 36% of the respondents said they would never love to be in a relationship if it lacked romance. It is the most important thing to consider. There are many relationships in which there is a lack of romance; getting consultation from a relationship therapist in such a case can improve the situation. 

Any romantic attachment always signals a strong desire to connect with a person at a profound level, and it also aids in infusing the exclusive bond we share with our partner. 

Romance grows with relationships

Romance is essential at every stage of the relationship as it helps in solidifying the relationship, and it also reminds us of the relative uniqueness of our partner. Most people have accepted the fact that romance grows with a relationship. 

The same result has shown that there is a difference of opinion based on gender when it comes to the importance of relationships. For example, two out of five men have accepted that they can never feel love without romance, while more women have agreed that romance is not that vital. 

Final thoughts 

Loss of romance in a relationship means that there is something wrong with how the relationship is being carried on. Many people think of this as a small aspect of their relationship, which worsens the situation. If you feel that there is no romance at any stage of the relationship, you should get in touch with a relationship therapist and get the issue resolved as soon as possible. 

Even in the survey, many people have said that romance holds vital importance in any relationship. Still, the importance of romance in a relationship can have a different meaning for different people. So, if romance is essential for you and if it is absent in your case, then you should start looking for the best solution and address the issue instead of tucking it under the carpet.