5 Best Sleep Tracking Apps to Try on Your Phone

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It seems like most of us are stuck in a monotonous structure. Whether you are a parent or an overtired employee, we all tend to follow the same old grind every day. Sadly, some of us are also compromising on our sleep – the most important health factor.

It is vital to question if the crazy routine is worth it. And if you are keen to improve your sleep patterns, slumber trackers are your best friend. Sleep tracking shows you how to get your best sleep. The amount of hours needed per night is not the same for everyone. When you track your sleep, you get an ideal number of hours you should stay in your dreamland.

The benefits of tracking your sleep

It doesn’t make much effort to track your sleep. But when you do, you will thoroughly appreciate the positive impact it creates on your health. Some perks of tracking sleep include:

1. It helps to spot what causes sleep problems

2. You get the motivation to improve your sleep quality

3. You understand the amount of sleep required by your body

4. You can wake up during the best sleep cycle

There are a few ways to track your sleep. There is the traditional polysomnography method or making notes in a sleep journal. The most recent ways to track sleep include using fitness bands and mobile apps. 

5 best mobile apps to track sleep

Purchasing a fitness band to track sleep may seem like an extra expense to some people. For such individuals, sleep tracking apps could be a great alternative. Here are the five best in the market you can take a shot at:

  1. SleepScore

Nothing is better than waking up feeling fresh, alert, and all set to kickstart your new day. Getting enough sleep along with a wholesome diet are the two primary ingredients to make it happen. If you are already doing the latter, SleepScore could help you with the former.

It uses a scientific-based approach to track your sleep pattern each night. It measures your breath and body movements and provides details about each stage of sleep in a score calculated from 0 – 100. You can track it over time and make improvements to wake up at your best hours.

The app uses sonar waves from your phone to track your breathing and sleep sounds. It works best when you keep your phone plugged in, above the mattress level, and its base pointed at you. 

Overall, if you are willing to find a comprehensive sleep tracking application – SleepScore has all you need to fathom and improve your sleep patterns.

  1. Sleep Genius

So far, Sleep Genius is considered the most advanced sleep tracking app available out there. In fact, NASA uses this app to help astronauts sleep better when they are in space. 

The scientifically engineered application helps activate and regulate the sleep system of the brain to achieve optimal deep sleep. The developers of this app are experts in neuroscience, music, and sleep therapy. 

It contains genius relaxation programs that deploy clinically-tested sounds to lull you into a deep sleep. When it wants the user to wake up, it uses a super-advanced alarm with neuro-sensory algorithms. There are binaural beats and other features to retrain your brain to wake up alert and rejuvenated.

The app also contains features like the gentle alarm and some that aid users during power naps.

  1. Pillow

Pillow is a sleep tracking app developed for iPhone and Apple Watch users. It uses the Apple Watch instead of the phone. This feature means it gets more accurate data. The app can measure your audio, heart rate, and precise movements. All of this is possible due to Apple Watch’s gyroscope. 

It is important to note here that the Apple Watch has excellent battery life. You can wear it to bed and charge it when you are having breakfast in the morning.

One of the recent changes in this app was testing its premium features before users choose to go for it. Pillow Premium records periods of activity during the night. It also serves as a dedicated Snooze Lab that provides an analysis of your sleep. Plus, there is support for Siri Shortcuts and a range of subtle fixes.

Along with these, the app has more in its armor to help you lead a better lifestyle. For instance, mood measurement is one unique lifestyle feature it contains. It asks you to rate your mood when you get up to understand the type of sleep that is viable for you.  

  1. SleepWatch

SleepWatch is a health-oriented sleep-tracking app that tracks apps with Apple Watch and iPhone. It automatically gathers data from watch and analyzes various metrics to give you a well-rounded image of how you have slept through the night. 

Its method for improving sleep was developed by scientists, technologists, and doctors. They aim to help users build meaningful lifestyle habits so they can race towards better health. BodyMatter, its developer, goes leaps and bounds to ensure that users get an easy and friendly interface. You just need to wear the Apple Watch to bed. And the app handles all the extra work.

It shows an in-depth analysis of how you slept through the night. There are measures on your length of sleep, variations in heart rate, and whether you were during light, disrupted, or deep sleep. 

Users are rightfully concerned about whether the app is secure to use. This is where it is essential to read the privacy policy of SleepWatch. The app explicitly asks for consent before user agrees to use their services. Plus, the security algorithm imposed over the users’ information is also quite enhanced. It falls in line with the algorithm used in airG scam free apps.

  1. Headspace

It is typical for the humdrum of your everyday life to keep you awake at night. Even if you hit the bed, you might feel uneasy as your mind drifts off to days’ events. Headspace is the app that could come to your rescue. 

It is a sleep aid app that allows you to meditate and de-stress. There has been plenty of evidence that shows how regular meditation can help to improve sleep patterns. In Headspace, you can choose a male or female narrator, lower the volume, and listen to their relaxing speech. The low tones and calm voices are meant to make listeners feel at peace.

The app is an effective sleeping aid. It helps you drift into slumber and enables you to go back to the dreamland in case you get up during the middle of the night. What sets Headspace apart is that there is plenty of content available for free. 

Final Thoughts

Sleep is the reset all of us need to maintain sound physical and mental health. According to the American Sleep Association, 50 – 70 million adults in the US face sleep problems. Given its commonality, one must have adequate tools to mitigate the issues. Sleep apps are the best tools to learn how to stump these disorders.

The apps in our roundup provide options for anyone looking to track their sleep and create a plan to improve it. We hope you will be hitting your ideal sleep goals pretty soon!