5 Creative Ways to Use Subway Tile In Your Bathroom

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Add a timeless appeal to your bathrooms with Subway Tiles! Dated back to 1904, the subway tiles were made for the public transit system or transportation hubs of New York City. Later, this tile trend got popular, and now you can see them everywhere, from bathrooms to kitchens to coffee shops and restaurants.

The reason why subway tiles are loved by everyone around the globe is that they’re classic, durable, and versatile. Plus, they're also affordable as compared to other bathroom surface materials.

Another great thing about subway tiles is that they’re available in countless styles and designs. They also come in various materials such as glass, porcelain, metallic, marble, ceramic, and slate.

You can use these tiles to convert your boring bathroom and kitchen into interesting and beautiful spaces. Make your dream a reality with BELK Tile Ceramic Subway Tile. They have a vast collection of tiles, including ceramic subway tiles and many others.

Today in this blog, we’re going to tell you about how you can style subway tiles in your bathroom to make them stand out. From classic styles to bold and bright, we’ve covered everything.

Here are five different ways to use ceramic subway tiles in the bathroom:

1. Keep It Classic

If you love the minimalist, clean vibes, go with classic subway tile designs. Select a white repeating bond pattern for small bathrooms, whereas dark color tiles will be perfect for large bathrooms.

You can select the grout lines accordingly to create a cool graphic effect and to keep things interesting.

2. Pop of Colors

Instead of going for traditional tiles, add a dramatic touch to your bathroom with the help of colorful subway tiles. You can either go for single-color tiles or multicolor ones. Match the accessories and decors according to the tiles. This way, you can add a cool look to your contemporary bathroom design.

3. Try the Inverse

Want to create a unique and unusual bathroom look? If yes, go for opposite aesthetics! This means instead of going for white tiles and dark grout, try the combination of black tiles with white grout. This inverse effect will create a bold and mesmerizing ambiance in your powder room.

4. Bring Texture

The perfect way to add some drama and character to any space is the Textures! Yes, you can also use subway tiles that come with textural elements. These textured subway tiles look really attractive and eye-pleasing.

You can pick the color and design as per your liking. They instantly add a decent accent and interest to your bathrooms without looking too bold.

5. Create Contrast

There is no other color combination that looks chicer than Black & White! To create this classic combo, use dark-colored tiles on the floor and light-colored tiles on the walls.

For example, install white subway tiles on walls and white penny tiles on the floor. This looks extremely eye-catching with the black shower area. This is the perfect way to create a stunning, eclectic, and modern look in your bathroom.


Whether you want to create a contrasting, bold, or contemporary look for your bathroom, you can easily find a ton of options in subway tiles. They’ll give a stylish and timeless touch to your bathrooms.

You can select the tiles' material, design, and pattern according to the size and overall theme of your bathroom. You can use BELK Tile Ceramic Subway Tile to effortlessly achieve your desired bathroom designs and styles.