Changes and Other Details about 2022 Chevrolet Blazer

 The 2022 Chevrolet Blazer comes with quite a few changes for the improvement of this vehicle. Chevy decided it was time for such significant changes as it will aid in providing their customers what they desire from Blazer. 

Thus, it is will be better if you go through the changes made to this vehicle’s 2022 variant as well as learn about other details before going to La Grange Chevrolet dealership. So, let’s start with the changes made first!

Changes in 2022 Blazer 

The most noteworthy change made included the removal of its standard four-cylinder 2.5L engine that offered 193 horsepower. It means that there won’t be a 1LT or L model that featured this engine. 

Instead, the four-cylinder 2L turbocharged engine has become the base option. Also, if people opt for this vehicle with an AWD drivetrain, then Trailering Package becomes standard for all; however, for FWD version you will need to add it as an option. 

Also, colors for the Blazer available have been increased. Blue Glow and Nitro Yellow are two new colors that have been added to existing paint palette. Moreover, contrasting roof color is available for most trims of 2022 Blazer. Also, Premier model comes with the package of Enhanced Convenience, the details of which you can get from your dealer. 

Some other details of this new model 

Apart from the standard turbocharged 2L engine, the 2022 Blazer is now offering a second engine option for the people; V6 3.6L engine that generates 308 horsepower and is mated with automatic 9-speed. Most people love the V6 engine due to its acceleration as well as the confidence a driver has when passing other cars on a highway. Also, the standard Blazer can tow a maximum of 1,500 lbs while the V6 can tow 4,500 pounds. 

Accurate steering, steady composure, and more makes Chevy Blazer a crossover that you need to get for yourself. Moreover, it provides a smooth ride and is quite responsive when it comes to driving on twisted roads. The brake system is quite firm which helps a drivers’ confidence. 

The standard engine offers mileage in city and highway 22 mpg and 29 mpg respectively; however, the V6 model offers 20 mpg and 27 mpg. For other details, you require contacting Chevrolet La Grange dealer. 

Interior design 

For the new version, Chevy has followed the pattern of its iconic vehicle Camaro’s interior design. It is similar but comes with certain distinct features that ensure its classy look. The cabin comes with a color pattern that involves two tones along with soft plastics and other upscale materials to make it look fetching. Also, it has ample space for people to sit comfortably as well as a trunk that is adequate for holding ample carry-ons. 


The 2022 Blazer starts from $34,595 and higher trims go up to over $42,000. You can get the trim that is suitable to you and your budget. This is why you need to visit a dealership and have a detailed talk with people there to know which 2022 Chevrolet Blazer model is ideal for you. 

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