Group Buy Tools From Anstrex

Anstrex Group Buys is an innovative advertising program utilized to locate and analyze successful ad campaigns. Once you enter in keyword info for a certain keyword, link, or any other parameters, the interactive dashboard will display all available pay-per-click or bid campaigns that match the criteria you wish to display. You can view and manage campaigns individually, by day, week, month, etc. - everything is customizable. Plus, you will receive an account summary that breaks down all the features of the program in detail.

Key Feature

The key feature of anstrex group buy is its ability to utilize a powerful keyword search engine. You enter in a keyword and the program's keyword analysis engine will rapidly return results for related search terms. As a result, you are presented with a list of competing ads, which you can analyze in order to make an informed decision on the best ad placement. You can track your campaign progress in real-time, right from the dashboard. With detailed historical data of your campaign performance, you can plan for improvements and continue optimizing your campaigns.

Daily Research Capability

Another feature of anstrex group buy is its in-depth, daily research capabilities. The online market has changed dramatically over the last year. Market patterns, consumer behavior, and competitive landscapes have changed at an astounding rate. The program's daily research tools are designed to constantly monitor and update you on the most relevant and critical changes to the online marketing landscape. You can set parameters to constantly monitor and review trends to ensure you are fully informed on the most important factors impacting your business.

The program also features an in-depth, daily report that not only looks at search volume and keyword competition for the day but also identifies trends in traffic sources. You can get access to this information by having an unlimited access pass to the program's premium spy tool. By using the premium spy tool, you can easily get access to detailed historical data on how specific keywords perform across the board throughout the day. In addition to tracking search volume and competitive landscape, anstrex group buy provides an in-depth look at top-performing ad placements.


With anstrex, you can easily get access to click-throughs on your landing pages. Click-throughs are the number of unique visitors that are directed from a marketer's landing page to anstrex internal site or sales page. Knowing how many people clicked on your landing pages will give you an idea of the number of leads you have generated and the conversion rate on these leads. You can also easily get access to ad impressions by looking at click-throughs on your different pages. Knowing how many impressions you have generated gives you an idea of how effective your landing pages are.

Track & Manage Campaigns

Another important feature that anstrex offers its advertisers is the ability to track and manage campaigns easily. The tool helps marketers track their campaign performance and manage ad purchases as well. Advertisers can set parameters for reporting, and the tool automatically generates reports on A/B testing and click-through rates. With the help of this tracking feature, marketers can quickly measure campaign performance and easily get insight into what kind of keywords are bringing in good traffic.

Set up Automatic Payment

With anstrex, marketers can also conveniently set up automatic payment for all ad purchases. Many online marketers make money only through pay per click or pay per lead programs. However, with anstrex, you can set up automatic payments for all ad buys. You just need to login into your account, create a username and password, and you can immediately start receiving payment for each click-through. This makes the group buy SEO tools especially useful for online marketers who need instant access to a particular tool to manage multiple ad groups.


Aside from its outstanding features, the group buy tools offered by anstrex are also affordable. The package only costs $99 per month, which is definitely a lot for any online marketer who's aiming to maximize his or her profits. It is because the tool helps online marketers save a lot of money in the long run. Aside from the tool, anstrex also provides useful training videos that online marketers can watch to help them learn more about using the tool effectively.

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