How to fax without a landline ?


fax without a landline

If we look back, we find that not so long ago, faxes were sent over a telephone line by cable. Businesses and individuals got phone lines and subscribed with a fax line. The problem with this mode of operation arose when society changed with the arrival of new technologies. The metro, work, sleep routine has been replaced by an itinerant lifestyle where individuals no longer have a fixed telephone line which complicates access to the fax syste.

How to fax without a landline ?

The fax machine ushered in a new era of instant document delivery. Survival in business often depends on this rapid communication of ideas and documents. The traditional fax machine requires a landline phone to send documents. While email is sufficient in many situations, faxing remains the preferred method for some documents. However, in this mobile society, landlines are scarce and fax machines are increasingly scarce. Thus, the technology has adapted to allow the sending of faxes without a fixed line.

Determine your personal use needs. Will you need to send faxes regularly, or only occasionally? Visit FaxCompare. com for pricing and compare online fax companies to find the right one for your needs.

If you send faxes infrequently, you can try a free service like FreeFaxButton. com, which will allow you to send a limit of two faxes per day. If you need to send faxes to foreign countries, make sure the service you choose allows you to do so.

Use a premium online fax service like eFax. com for more regular use or for countries not covered by free services. Premium services typically have a monthly fee plus a small fee for sending additional faxes.

Prepare the document or text to be faxed. Create the document online or download it to the desired computer. Make sure you are using a file format accepted by your fax service.

Follow the instructions from your fax service to send your document.

After sending your fax, call the recipient or send an email to confirm that they have received your document.

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Items you will need

Computer or device to connect to the Internet

Internet connection


Take extra batteries when traveling to ensure all mobile devices are available to access landline-less fax usage.

Take a backup mobile device when you're on the go. Laptops and handheld devices are convenient but often perform poorly.

How to fax without a landline using virtual fax ?

If you work in a small business or use faxing very little, purchasing a fax machine for your faxes is not going to be very profitable for you. Recently, a new generation of fax addresses this problem.

For the past ten years or so, the answer has been YES. It is possible to send a fax without a telephone line thanks to the virtual fax system .

It is an internet fax service operating from the cloud. The only thing you will need to do all your sending is a simple mailbox and a device connected to the internet.

The virtual fax works through an electronic mail, with the number of an already existing line (portability) or a new number. You can then send and receive your documents from your own mailbox. These faxes will be stored in the cloud: you will then have them always at hand, from the device of your choice.

The main advantage of this service? You can use it from wherever you are because your new fax machine will follow you wherever you go: mobile, computer and even tablet. Instead of scanning a document, you can simply attach your document in PDF format or simply photograph it.

The system is completely secure: for each shipment, you will receive an acknowledgment of receipt indicating whether the shipment was successful.

How to send and receive faxes using eFax ?

Here, for those who do not have a fax, we will explain how to actually send a fax using eFax. However, the procedure is very simple. If you do not have a fax, how to send a fax by eFax

Email [ country code + phone number + @ efaxsend. com ]

that's all!

It may be a little difficult to understand, so I will explain it carefully.

● Create a new email with the email address registered as a member

First, create a new email from the email address you entered when you registered as a member.

Enter " country code + phone number + @ efaxsend. com " as the destination.

The points to specify the destination are as follows.

India country code: 91

Deleted "0" in area code

For example, if the destination phone number is "03-0000-0000", it will be as follows.

913-0000-0000@efaxsend. com

Delete the area code "0" and add "91".

Add "@ efaxsend. com" after the number and you're done.

● Send by fax with materials attached

Attach the materials to be sent by fax to the email.

The file formats supported by eFax are as follows.








It's almost covered, isn't it?

Just like sending an e-mail, you can send a fax to the other party just by attaching the file and sending it.