The A - Z Guide of PEMF MAT


It is important to maintain healthy tissues and cells within the body. Damaged tissues and cells lead to infections, chronic pains, and other diseases. However, with the advent of modern technology such as PEMF therapy, it is now a thing of the past. A PEMF mat not only helps to avoid the disease but also repairs it along the way. This process also prevents further disease since the electromagnetic waves passed through your body to keep these diseases and infections at bay.

Moreover, it becomes impossible for the disease and the infections to survive in a highly charged environment. PEMF therapy not only maintains your overall health but also enhances the healing process quickly.

How does a PEMF Mat Work?

All human beings produce natural electricity along with magnetic energy inside the body. Furthermore, every cell, tissue, organ, and other body part also contains magnetic energy inside them. When these magnetic fields are out of order, the body becomes prone to diseases, pains, excess levels of stress, and so on. However, when you pass electromagnetic waves through a PEMF mat, these magnetic fields become energized, and the cells start the repairing process.

Additionally, your body also contains ions such as magnesium and potassium that helps in the effective communication of these signals. Upon clinical trials, scientists have found out the exact reaction these ions have on the body.

What are the Benefits of Using a PEMF Mat

Chronic Pains – A PEMF mat is effective in treating chronic pain since it activates the damaged cells and tissues within the body. PEMF mat helps bring down the pain by reducing the inflammation. PEMF therapy helps in improving tissue oxygenation, circulation of blood and lymph, and cellular activities. It also helps in alleviating the symptoms of pains by blocking the cells that are causing the pain to trigger.

Stimulates Bone Growth

A PEMF mat stimulates the fractured bone site creating an electrical polarity. This supports the natural healing process of the bones and helps in repairing the fractured bone. Additionally, it creates a magnetic field within your body that helps in new bone growth.

Therefore, PEMF therapy helps in the development of electrical polarity that enhances the healing process of the damaged bone.

Improves Brain Health

PEMF mat helps in restoring chemical imbalances along and electric signalling within the brain. When you use electromagnetic waves inside the brain, these magnetic waves pass through the skull to the affected part of your brain. These waves produce small electrical currents along with stimulating the neurons present inside the brain. These waves also create electrical impulses inside the brain that helps in improving overall brain health.

Improves in Blood Circulation

The major benefit of using a PEMF mat is that it helps in improving the blood circulation within the body quickly. It also enhances the blood flow along with supplying oxygen and blood into the cells. The electrical polarity thus created stimulates the lymphatic vessels and removes the waste materials from the damaged cells effectively. It also leads to proper blood circulation within the body and lymphatic vessels.

Improves Muscle and Tissue Flexibility

PEMF therapy also helps in collagen synthesis. This is an important protein in the boy that enhances the functionality of the membrane elasticity in the fibroblasts. Moreover, it also improves the range of motion within the tissues and muscles along with increasing the flexibility of the entire body.

Aids in Cell Growth

When the body becomes sick, the cells start to degrade it along with causing severe damages. The magnetic field that is created by the electromagnetic waves helps in the stimulation of tissue along with generating new cells.

Enhances Healing of Wounds

PEMF therapy also works great in healing major wounds. The reason for this is that it creates electrical and magnetic fields within your body. Moreover, it also helps in the new growth of cells along with repairing the older ones.

Are there any Side-Effects?

Though there are hardly any concrete pieces of evidence as to any reporting of side effects caused because of PEMF mat. Most of the side effects can be fixed by altering by modifying the treatment methods. However, the most common side-effects noted are herxing (detoxification effects). Since PEMF therapy is a non-invasive and completely painless procedure to treat various medical conditions, therefore it is safe for use.