Reasons why you should prefer vinyl flooring Planks.

Have you been considering vinyl plank flooring for your next flooring project? That is great! For a stain-resistant and resilient floor type, vinyl floor planks and tiles are a good choice. Also, it satisfies many of your demands as a homeowner. Knowing its pros and cons, you can make a practical decision for your home value. But wait! Have you considered every detail?

Well, one should notice every detail before making such a huge investment. For sure, you want your floor to be sturdy, beautiful, comfortable, and lasting for decades to come. That is why focus on the quality, thickness, and resilience of the vinyl floors. In addition, go for LVP (luxury vinyl plank flooring) for better results. 

We all need guidelines when it comes to home interiors. So, if you do not want to regret it later, here's how to pick the best vinyl planks:

Quality is everything

The thickness of the plank

Rigid core vinyl plank flooring

Pick waterproof layered planks

Luxury vinyl tiles for bathrooms

Choose the right color

Find a reliable retailer

DIY, if you can

Quality is everything:

When it comes to your flooring, quality is everything. You cannot rely on low-quality products and risk the life of your loved ones. So, make sure you determine the quality of vinyl planks before buying them. In this case, go for layered planks that have a minimum of four wooden layers. But, the top layer has to be of hardwood. It is the simplest way to ensure the quality of vinyl planks.

The thickness of the plank:

Thickness is the core element for choosing the best vinyl floors. Well, vinyl comes in all sorts of thicknesses ranging from 7mm to 18mm. And its quality graph goes up as the thickness increases. Because of this, floor experts recommend choosing the right thickness of planks for high-traffic areas. As a result, it marks the resilience and longevity of your flooring. And this applies to residential and commercial projects as well. 

Rigid core vinyl plank flooring:

This one is another quickest tip for vinyl plank shopping. Rigid core vinyl plank flooring contains a dense composite core: that is there for both longevity and durability in high-traffic areas. Also, these planks exist in a variety of core materials. But, the most common are SPC (stone plastic composite), WPC (wood plastic composite), or a hybrid variation. 

So, go for solid core floors. They are ideal for busy hallways and heavy foot traffic areas. Moreover, these planks are water- and soundproof as well.

Pick waterproof layered planks:

Many floor stores claim that their vinyl planks and sheets are 100% waterproof. But, that is not true for all. In this case, beware of scams and look for waterproof layered planks. Usually, they have at least four layers of wood plastic. Each layer is supposed to provide resistance against stains, scratches, and scuffing. Make sure that you opt for a waterproof top layer in planks.

Luxury vinyl tiles for bathrooms:

 The bathroom is that one area that is full of moisture content. In that case, vinyl planks might not be a suitable choice. That is why opt for luxury vinyl tiles rather than planks. LVT is an ideal option as it comes in more options and more resilience. Just like vinyl planks, these tiles will continue to shine in your bathrooms. Although, you can install planks in laundry and dressing rooms. 

Choose the right color:

Any good guide will emphasize the right vinyl thickness and its color. Choosing vinyl planks can be tricky, considering the variety of colors and designs available. But pick the color and texture that suits your home interior and needs. If your room contains furniture, match the color accordingly. Any neutral or dark wooden shade can complement your place. For a luxury look, choose LVP.

Find a reliable retailer:

Coming to the retailer and installer all of the above points justify when you choose a reliable retailer. Remember that the source of your product matters the most. So, look for a reputable manufacturer of vinyl planks. However, the brand name does not matter if you trust the suppliers. In addition, make sure you get the installation from experts.  

DIY, if you can:

The simplest and easiest way is to DIY your vinyl floor planks. Roll up your sleeves and pick up the tools if you think you can do it. The click-lock method is the easiest for vinyl DIY. You can apply these to any of your existing floors and save some money for other stuff. 


No doubt, you have many choices in solid wood flooring. But, vinyl planks flooring is the best and a cost-friendly choice when you want a hardwood look at the lowest rates. This flooring is stains and moisture resistant. But, make sure you go for rigid core vinyl planks and a waterproof top layer for a lasting floor. Use this guide for simple solutions and verify the quality of your flooring. Check out Columbus Flooring City for top-quality vinyl planks and tiles. 

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