Must Have Gadgets to Create the Perfect Bedroom


Perfect Bedroom

As of 2021, it is fair to say we’re living in the golden age of technology. The creation of technology has become implemented in all aspects of our lives, from smartphones to home technology. Developers and designers spend years creating digital alternatives and solutions that make our lives easier. Smart technology in the home is a great way to enhance your home living- and the bedroom is no exception. 

Many people deal with issues regarding their sleep- whether that’s managing to unwind, getting a full and comfortable night's sleep or dealing with issues such as insomnia. Although sometimes technology is to blame for our overactive minds, smart devices can also be extremely helpful in conquering our sleepless nights and ensuring we feel well rested. The bedroom is also our sanctuary, a place where we can go to feel peace and solace. Technological devices can help us create the perfect bedroom space, as we can utilise gadgets for various reasons. If you’re looking to integrate technological marvels into your room, here at We Buy Any House have compiled our must have gadgets to create the perfect bedroom.

Best Sleep Tracker- Sleep Tracking Pad:

Retails at £70 on Amazon.

Tracking your sleep has become quite popular, especially for those who struggle to get a full night's sleep and wake up feeling refreshed. However, wearing a SmartWatch or a SleepOn Finger Ring isn't the most comfortable for people- and that’s why a sleep tracking pad is a great investment. You simply place the pad under your mattress, and the device will begin to monitor your sleep cycle, heart rate and even how much you snore. The device reports all information back to your smartphone, so you can review it each morning.

Koa Cover Inventive Duvet:

Retails at £89.00 on Koa site.

Having fresh bedding is an easy way to become instantly relaxed, however there's not a struggle quite like changing your duvet. By using the Koa Cover Inventive Duvet, changing your duvet will be less of a struggle. The duvet has a zip that goes straight down the middle, which allows you to open the duvet wide open and change the blanket with ease- allowing you to have a comfortable and clean duvet without the hassle.

Moana Active Cooling Pillow Pad:

Retails at £288.45 on Moana site.

If you hate being hot when you’re sleeping or are constantly scrambling for the cold side of the pillow, then this device is definitely for you. The Moana Active Cooling Pillow Pad uses an active thermoregulation system to help keep your pillow cool all night long. Research suggests that having a cool head and neck can help you fall asleep quicker, so the cooling pillow pad is has health benefits. The pillow also tracks how well you’re sleeping and sends the information to an app that you can access via a smartphone.

Dohm Classic Natural Sound Machine:

Retails at £59.95 on Amazon.

Although the sounds of cars and passerby’s may be quite disruptive while you’re trying to sleep, natural sounds are quite effective at helping you fall asleep. The machine emits white noise, which can mask other disturbing noises that can keep you awake at night. Playing white noise is also helpful when working from home, as it can help you focus for long periods of time.

 Dyson Pure Cool Me Personal Purifying Fan:

Retails at £499.99 on Dyson site.

Air quality can massively impact your quality of life. The Dyson Pure Cool Me Personal Purifying Fan are quiet and effective devices but are excellent at streaming purified cool air to you. The devices traps allergens, dust and pollutants from your indoor spaces to help improve air quality. Additionally, they also trap smoke, pet hair and bacteria. You can control your airflow and will eventually begin to see improvements in your health.

FYRTUR Smart Window Blinds:

Available at IKEA. Price depends on design/installation. 

Being woken up by sunlight penetrating through your blinds long before you have to get up is always painful. With smart blinds, you can control how much light comes into your room simply with the use of a remote control. Smart blinds can also be controlled using voice activation after connecting to Alexa, Google Assistant and HomeKit. They can be timed as to what time they lower and rise and can be set to a schedule.

Motion Activated LED Bed Light:

Retails at £51.00 at DirectNine UK.

Sleeping in complete darkness is for some people a relaxing and the best way to get to sleep. The LED bed light, which has a built-in human body passive Infared (PIR), which is automatically turned on and off by human induction in a dark environment. The bed light has an automated sensor which turns off automatically and can be set to your own unique schedule. As you step out of bed, a soft glow of light will automatically light up once you get up.