The heat is on! This year, the temperatures are expected to rise even further. And when it gets hot out there, nothing can equal the coolness of an air-conditioned home or office. But before you switch on your AC and dive headfirst into a pool of comfort, take a minute to clean up your unit first – don’t let it get clogged with dirt and grime instead. Follow these tips from Singapore's best aircon cleaning services to prolong its life and keep it running non-stop all summer long:

1)      Stop dust from accumulating inside the unit by keeping windows covered during construction work in your area. Also, consider using drapes if you have large windows that receive direct sunlight throughout the day.

2)      Keep the outside unit clean by gently wiping off any dust and dirt with a soft cloth or paper towel. You can also use your vacuum’s hose attachment for hard-to-reach areas, but be careful not to apply too much pressure that could damage it. Consult an aircon cleaning service company like TOTAL Aircon Serv if you need professional help with the task.

3)      Conduct regular checks of all internal components, including coils, filters, fans and electrical wiring. Make sure they're free of debris and not damaged in any way before turning on your AC again to ensure its efficient performance for summer comfort.

4)      Having trouble getting rid of stubborn stains inside your AC unit? It might be time to call in a professional aircon cleaning service. They should be able to help you remove the stains and keep your unit pristine all year round.

5)      Remember to change your filters at least twice a year for a well-conditioned AC. If you have permanent air filters inside the main unit, change them as often as possible or whenever necessary depending on how much dust they collect from the outside. Those with remote control models don’t need to change their filters as frequently, but it's still best not to let them get too dirty before getting rid of it.

Summer is just around the corner and you know what that means? It's time to get your air conditioner in top shape so it can work at full capacity when you need it most!

Aircon Cleaning Singapore by so cool has all of your air conditioning needs covered. We offer an array of services including regular maintenance, seasonal checks, repairs, replacements and more. So don't wait until summer is here before making sure your AC unit is in perfect working order - contact us today for a free quote!

Perks of Aircon Cleaning Singapore

Here are just some of the perks you enjoy when you get your air conditioner cleaned by socool. A clean unit means everything from increased efficiency to decreased risk of mold, fungi and bacteria growth within the cooling system and in the surrounding areas. These, in turn, lead to:

§  Longer lasting air conditioning system (ACs last roughly 7 years if properly maintained)

§  More efficient energy consumption (see next point)

§  Health benefits for family members; cleaner air leads to less allergies and asthma attacks

§  Greatly reduced risk of colds and flu (mold spores often spread through AC vents leading to such infections)  

How Regular Maintenance Will Increase Efficiency & Extend Your Aircon's Life

A professional cleaning will help lengthen the life of your AC system and increase its efficiency. When an AC unit is regularly maintained it also means that repairs are done at the earliest possible time, which reduces costly downtime.

§  Overall energy consumption decreases as your AC works less to keep you cool (the dirtier the coils, the more strain on air conditioner)

§  Slows buildup of hard water deposits which can lead to corrosion and leaks

§  Prevents unwanted odors from forming within cooling system (odors often indicate a buildup of mold or bacteria in vents & evaporator coil)  

Contact Us for Your Air Conditioning Needs!

Never let another summer go by with a faulty air conditioning system. Make sure you contact so cool today before the temperature rises and your AC unit starts having issues! We offer free quotes on all services.


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