Does Have an App?

 It’s no secret that we spend a huge amount of time on our smartphones. Whether just cruising through social media or playing games, our phones might as well be glued to our palms most of the time as the minutes turn into hours spent on the phone for most people.

There has been a recent trend where people are looking for ways to make additional money by playing games on their phones, taking surveys, giving feedback, and doing a variety of other time-consuming and quite honestly, unproductive activities. But for plenty of other people, turning the time spent gaming on their phones into cash has been a far more rewarding process that takes them far less time than anyone looking to add up their pennies completing surveys. has been offering hundreds of skill-based games to their users for months now, all providing the ability to win real money. Thousands of users win hundreds of dollars per day and some others have been able to hit it big and win as much as $10,000 (and more!) with BigFaFa. Maybe the best part of it all is that you don’t need to sit down in front of a computer to join in on the action. That’s right, you can take BigFaFa with you wherever you go and enjoy all of their usual features from your smartphone. can provide their users with an unparalleled mobile experience without requiring any type of app to be downloaded, either. Enjoying BigFaFa from anywhere is just as easy as tapping into an app, but even better because you’ll get the full experience every time. Think of it as always having the full-sized online casino in your pocket. The only difference is the size of the screen. Speaking of a full-sized online casino, let’s see what is all about.

Big Features at

There are a ton of amazing features about BigFaFa that have made it a fan favorite throughout Canada and many other places around the globe. The main attraction is the huge catalog of games that can be played whenever you’d like against other BigFaFa users from all over the world. After you make your first deposit there is a host of options available for you to get involved and no shortage of game types to cater to just about anyone.

When BigFaFa was developed, the creative team wanted to take aspects of some of their favorite online casinos into consideration and eliminate aspects that they disliked. Therefore, users who choose to game with BigFaFa report a higher user satisfaction rate than most other online casinos. The BigFaFa website is as easy to navigate on a desktop or laptop as it is on your smartphone, making gaming and betting on the go as simple as it is when sitting at home.

Finding out what the current bonuses, tournaments, and promotions are incredibly easy, too, as BigFaFa puts all this information on display on their homepage for users to see as soon as they visit the website. I enjoy the fact that I’m always kept in the loop by not having to look for the newest promotions and I love that BigFaFa always has new games, features, and promotions in the works. Not having to look through a complicated site to find them is always a great thing, too.

Take it To Go at 

Look, I’m not an overly active person and I’d be lying if I said I do a whole lot of traveling throughout the year. But it feels like I’m always on the go to the point where I do most of my gaming on my smartphone. When I first searched for a mobile app for BigFaFa and couldn’t find one, I was honestly a little discouraged. But after I accessed their site through my web browser, I realized that BigFaFa is far better on my smartphone in all of its glory.

Mobile apps often come at the expense of limiting features that cannot be supported the same way as they can through a website. The BigFaFa mobile site gives users the full experience without sacrificing any of their usual features that are accessible through a computer or tablet. If you’re looking to make deposits or withdrawals, everything remains the same through their mobile offering.

Every game I’ve played on my phone has worked perfectly fine and I actually feel that I concentrate a bit more when I have the game right in the palm of my hand, so to speak. I do recommend that you’re either utilizing Wi-Fi or in an area that has solid cellular reception before gaming or placing a bet, though.

If you’re someone who loves to game and are on your phone quite a lot, BigFaFa offers the ability to earn real money while having a great time. All you need is a smartphone, and you can get started today!