Fashion Tips for Executives


Fashion Tips for Executives

Firstly, I want to point out that there are executive styles for all types of professionals. If you're an executive in the corporate world, then that's great. If you're an executive in the academic world, that's also great! Regardless of your type of executive, the most important thing is to look smart and professional at all times. This is key when it comes to business meetings and events.

 What I really like about dressing well as an executive is that it makes me feel good about myself. Whenever I feel confident in my appearance, this confidence usually translates very easily into my work life as well. It feels good knowing that other people see me as "looking" the part on a day-to-day basis because it makes me feel like they perceive me more professionally than before (even though this isn't actually true). This helps keep my mind focused on success while I'm working too! It's definitely a positive way to get things done!


When deciding what clothes are appropriate for everyday attire or any event where you'll be representing your company or yourself personally, think about how successful your professional persona should appear to others around you at all times. The executive presence of status and confidence is crucial to the success of any business. Just be sure you don't overdo it, because that can come across as arrogant and unapproachable. Here are some tips on how to dress for success:


1) Dress in a way that makes you look like you're in charge. This means dressing in a more serious manner than other people around you (if they're dressed professionally too). A good way to look like an executive is by wearing dark colored clothing (navy blue, gray, black etc.). Try not to wear whites or pastel colors unless the event calls for it. Another thing I like about dressing this way is that it suits my short hair and "business-like" personality. Pastel colors really don't suit me at all! I'm not saying that every person should wear only dark colors though! Everyone's different - just try to avoid white or light colored clothing whenever possible when being professional so people will see you as more "in charge". If the event calls for light colored clothing though, follow what everyone else around you is doing so your appearance does not stand out from anyone else's.


2) Wear accessories that show your style and confidence level through unique pieces of jewelry or tasteful expensive watches/handbags/etc. This is a great way to show your personality as an executive without going overboard. I love wearing unique accessories that express my sense of style, and I also like to wear some cheap jewelry from Forever 21 or H&M occasionally as well! You don't have to spend a lot of money on expensive jewelry or watches though - just choose the most tasteful pieces you can find and you'll be fine.


3) Make sure your shoes are always both sharp and polished. You can wear any color shoes you want, but make sure they're nice looking and clean at all times so they don't detract from what you're wearing. If people notice your shoes instead of the rest of the outfit, then that's not good!


4) Wear clothes that fit well (without being too tight). Ripped jeans just look bad 99% of the time, so avoid them if possible. Don't wear loose clothing though either - go for something in between for a more professional look (think: fitted t-shirts). Also make sure everything fits properly before leaving home (no baggy pants or sleeves with holes in them!). This goes for both men and women; we should all dress like we respect ourselves enough to put some effort into our appearance every day even when we aren't going out on special occasions or anything like that!


5) Choose clothes according to what type of work environment you're in most often (casual/business casual/business formal etc.


If you want to look professional at all times, I recommend dressing according to what your environment calls for. If you work in a casual office setting, then it's perfectly fine for you to wear a nice pair of jeans and a nice top once in a while. If you're going into an interview or some other type of business meeting though, then I would definitely recommend looking more serious than the rest of the people around you so that your appearance does not detract from anything else about yourself.