Get your Christmas Pandora shopping done early

Pandora’s main shop sells its Pandora charms and bangles – many of which are half price at Christmas. The idea is to bring the gift of fashion to your wrist by wearing an attractive bracelet. "You walk into the shop and it's almost like a jewellery store with clothes," There is a pretty big range of menswear, there is stuff for the lady’s side. "What they do is mix it all together and try to bring a bit of fashion." It also has a bridal jewellery section in case you’re tying the knot in the new year. There's also free parking at all major Pandora charms sale shopping centres on the day but staff are encouraging people to car share or use lifts, park for free and leave a few minutes early in the morning to avoid the queues.

Get your Christmas shopping done early

The long queues outside Pandora are all about keeping you buying your baubles before others do. As Pandora's social media channels encourage buyers to make a purchase pandora charms clearance, eager buyers are more likely to plump for the product when they see others already have. Speaking about the queues, Pandora's Head of Social Lucy Pattison said: "Every year, people who come to our stores early often manage to make a selection and purchase their Christmas decorations - something that can't be said for customers who only come to our stores on Christmas Eve! "By encouraging people to buy before the start of the countdown we make sure there is a unique 'something different' on our shelves, making for a shopping experience that people just can't replicate elsewhere.

Understanding the Pandora sizing guide

The best advice we can give you is to go in knowing the sizing. The popular British retailer was the first to offer a one-size fits all approach, unlike other high street fashion brands that sell in sizes XS-L and M-L. Try Pandora's sizing guide, or any other good online sizing tool, to make sure you buy something to fit you. You won't just be queuing outside Pandora shops but also in-store too, as there's a frantic amount of sales planned between now and Christmas Day. Every day there is a number of new deals, as well as last minute steals.

Stylish Christmas Pandora Gift

This Pandora inspired Christmas Gift will help to convey the unique charm and sophistication of the brand. We love the red bow that complements this ever-so festive pop of colour.

Pandora World of Adventure Christmas Stocking Box

Everyone has a special place in their heart for Asia, and that’s why we all have a fantasy to travel there. Or you can just wish someone the very best in 2021 and deliver it in this exciting Pandora World of Adventure Christmas Stocking Box. Inside the box is a random selection of amazing Pandora jewellery and gifts which are guaranteed to bring a smile to the recipients face!

Christmas Gift With An Adventure

Can’t afford to go on a trip yourself? This Christmas Gift With An Adventure will definitely let them know that they are loved.

Pandora’s Christmas Gift Guide

The name of the game for Pandora is unique jewelry that's filled with love and adventure. Find all kinds of gift for the trendy woman or guy in your life. Something for every need. Enjoy some of the best gifts in life. The making of new memories and precious moments, that will last a lifetime. Gift them your favorite quote, a romantic dinner for two or the ultimate drink of their life with a box of wine or bubbly. There's nothing like the thrill of opening a package on Christmas morning. It could be the box itself, or the new accessory you receive. Be part of the holiday Pandora charms clearances. Give the gift of a part of the holidays with a Pandora stone, bracelet or charm.