How can You Boost Your Immune System

Have you ever thought about boosting your immune system naturally without using any readymade material?

In this blog our Online assignment help experts will tell you how you can boost your immune system.

What is the Immune System?

Immune system is a collection of organs, tissues, cells and enzymes. They help the body to fight against infections and other diseases. It includes white blood cells, organs and tissues of the lymph system such as thymus, lymph nodes, spleen, bone marrow etc.

How does it work?

It keeps a record of every germ or microbe that entered our body earlier and it has defeated it, as soon as those microbes again enter it recognize it and destroy it quickly to protect our body.

If our immune system does not work properly, it can lead to different types of allergic diseases and various types of immunodeficiency disorders.

How can nutrition support your health?

Immune system plays a significant role to protect our body and keeps our body fit and healthy. The person with a low immune system suffers a lot more than the person whose immune system is high. To protect our body, our immune system needs a lot of energy and a different variety of nutrients to make a proper immune system. There are some nutrients which act as antioxidants. Those antioxidants counteract free radical production that occurs as a natural part of the inflammatory response.

There are a lot of Vitamins and minerals which serve as antioxidants like:

Selenium, Zinc, Carotenoids, Resveratrol etc, other components such as Amino Acids, Magnesium, Nucleotides, fermented food, Omega 3 fatty acids play significant roles in making a healthy immune system.

How to Boost Your Immunity?

In the market you will find a plethora of supplements and products that claim to boost up your immune system. It may sound good, but boosting the immune system is not as easy a job than you might think. Our immune system should be strong enough to fight against all kinds of microbes and germs.

Instead of taking supplements or synthetic products you should focus on everyday lifestyle habits to recharge your immunity.

You can follow the tips written below to boost your immune system:

1.   The first and foremost thing is to maintain a healthy diet. You have to intake plenty of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, protein and proper quantity of fats. Adequate quantities of carbohydrate, vitamins such as Vitamin B (found in chicken, banana, leafy vegetables salmon fish etc), Vitamin C (found in all kinds of citrus fruits such as lemons, amla, strawberry, tamarind, chilly etc), Vitamin E (found in almonds, vegetable oil, spinach etc), and Vitamin D (available in Sunlight in adequate quantities) are needed to recharge your immune system. So, by consuming these foods you can help your body to build a strong immune system.

2.   Besides consuming a balanced diet, you should exercise regularly for being healthy and supporting a strong immune system. In a survey it is found that persons who exercise at least 30 minutes daily have stronger immune systems than those who do not exercise at all. Exercising regularly helps to stimulate your body parts.

3.   70% of our body is made up of water. As a result water plays an important role in our body besides maintaining a healthy immune system. If you are doing exercise or any physical activity but constantly you are losing water through breathing. So, to support your immune system make sure that you’re consuming plenty of water.

4.   Having adequate quantity of sleep is the most needed one to have a strong immune system.

5.   Last but not the least try to minimize your stress, as much as you can.

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