How to Use Social Media Effectively

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 I feel like you can be successful at Facebook when you post high quality content. The most important thing with Facebook is to be consistent. If you're not consistent, then you won't get many likes, comments, or shares on your posts. Your posts will just fall into the abyss that is your news feed. You'll want to post every day (or every other day). Make sure that these posts are informative and entertaining. People don't want to see pictures of food all the time, but they do love pictures of cute puppies or babies! You can also try posting everyday with inspirational quotes or life advice!




Twitter is a little different than Facebook because it's more about getting your point across rather than entertainment value as it relates to Facebook. It's kind of like a digital soap box for people who have something important to say or show off their abilities in some way! You should make sure that everything on Twitter has a purpose and gets the point across effectively without being too wordy (you know what I mean). Like I said before, try not to be redundant with what you're tweeting about because people will lose interest quickly if they don't see anything new from you each time they check their feed! Be funny sometimes too!! Just remember though: there's always going to be someone who disagrees with whatever opinion/idea/tweet that your sharing so don't take it personal if someone doesn't agree. I'm taking instagram photos for a class project, and one of my classmates has a very different opinion about what I'm doing. She has the right to disagree with my opinions, but if it bothers me too much then I'll probably stop. This is just another example of how people can disagree on something and still be friends!




I really love Instagram so far. It's very visual and there are so many aspects to it that you can use as an advantage! For example, you could post photos from your job so that people can see what you do for a living or you could post photos from events/parties that you attend in order to show off your fun side! You might have noticed that there aren't any hashtags on Instagram (like there are on Twitter). If someone wants to find your content through hashtags they will have no problem because it's all searchable by hashtag through the search bar at the top of the page!! This means if someone searches #cats or #dogs they'll be able to see everything related to those animals without having to follow anyone or pay for advertisements!! So why do brands spend so much money on buying advertisements? Because even though their ads are being seen by more people than just their followers, they're seen by people who don't necessarily want these brands' products/services. So marketing managers have to guess which products/services will be the most successful based off of people's interests. If you have a large following on Instagram, your content will be seen by more people who are interested in your content. Your content won't be wasted on someone who doesn't want to see it! Another reason why I love Instagram is that it makes me think about what I'm posting and how I'm presenting myself through my pictures. Since people use Instagram as a way to show their friends and family what they're up to, I always want my pictures to be of high quality and look good! Snapchat isn't really my thing because it makes me feel like the pictures aren't going anywhere. I want my photos to have a lasting effect, so Snapchat isn't for me.


Twitter vs Facebook vs Pinterest


These three social media platforms are all very different from each other. Twitter is more of a straightforward platform where you can tell someone about something that you support or an opinion that you have with 140 characters or less. It's easy for your followers to see what you're up too without having an overwhelming amount of content on their newsfeeds. Facebook is a little different because it's based on people sharing different types of content with each other in order for them/their friends/family members to learn more about specific topics or products/services that they might be interested in buying later down the road!. People can also comment on your posts if they agree/disagree with what you're saying, so there's definitely room for discussion! Facebook has been around longer than any other major social media site out there today, so lots of people use it as their main platform!! Pinterest is very visual and has quite a few categories (Food & Drink; Beauty & Fashion; Home Improvement; Pets; etc.


You might be wondering why I'm writing this, well it's because I love writing about social media because it can be very interesting if you know how to do it right!